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Computer Science

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Make computers and smart devices do great new things!

You don’t have to dream about an exciting career in a hot technology can become part of the wave of change with a solid computer science education from Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. Think about it:You are actually using several software tools right now as you read this on your computer, laptop, or mobile device! The world can no longer function without the software and the “apps” that are behind everything we do in the modern age. Computer Science also encompasses the analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of software in a systematic way.

Do you want to build new apps or create the new computer programs that will change the world? Would you like to work with company executives and project managers to create software solutions to generate new and exciting business opportunities?

If you answered “yes,” then you may be ideal for the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s two-year Computer Science associate degree program. The possibilities are really endless as you will be stepping into an Associate Degree program that will prepare you for many high growth careers. You can learn to program for mobile devices, learn about cyber security, computer networking and more. The difference you can make in the world could be far-reaching; your computer expertise will be depended upon every day. All of these opportunities open up to you when you attend Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.
What is Computer Science?
Computer Science is the analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware in a systemic way. Computer Science professionals work with company executives to create software solutions to generate new and exciting business opportunities.
What is Experiential Learning?
Simply put, experiential learning is learning through direct experience. We feel it’s the best way to learn, and we designed our program around it. So when you attend classes at P.I.T., get ready for more than just textbooks. Our instructors use a variety of teaching tools such as:
  • Hands-on computer science labs
  • Integrating software and hardware exercises
  • Problem solving using software applications
What kind of career will I have?
The Computer Science field is exploding with potential. Every employer needs professionals who can maximize productivity by developing software solutions. Highly trained and skilled professionals can pursue a career in:
  • System Analysis
  • System Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Support
Graduates with an associate degree in Computer Science are prepared for jobs including:
  • Computer Programmer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Software Engineering Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Design Associate
  • Technical Support Specialist
Where can I go after P.I.T.?
P.I.T. launches you into a world of opportunity! You can transfer your associate degree credits to a four-year college or university to pursue your bachelor degree. You can start working in a computer science field of your choice right after graduation and pursue your bachelor degree part time. P.I.T. prepares you for the next step that is right for YOU!
Why choose P.I.T. for your Computer Science degree?
  1. Earn an associate degree with “hands-on skills” using state of the art hardware and software
    Our Computer Science degree provides you with “hands-on” experience using the latest, state of the art hardware and software actually used by leading corporations. You are prepared to be productive the first day of work with your new employer.

  2. Experienced Instructors
    Our instructors either come from a real world background or still hold positions in the information technology field. They share their working knowledge to better prepare our student to enter the workforce.

  3. YOUR SUCCESS is our success
    Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success. Graduates tell us that everyone at P.I.T. ensured their success.

  4. Intimate Learning Environment and Family Atmosphere
    Our instructors know each student on a first name basis. Smaller class sizes allow us to focus on each student’s individual strengths and areas to improve.

  5. Parallel Learning
    P.I.T.’s unique “parallel learning” approach saves time and money for our students. We offer skills strengthening and degree classes at the same time, fast-tracking students to a degree.

  6. Flexibility
    Our flexible course schedules are ideal for students balancing work, family, and school.

  7. Free tutoring
    Scheduled tutoring from both instructors and honor students is available to ALL P.I.T. students, free of charge.

  8. Portfolio Building and Interview Coaching
    The value of a P.I.T. education extends beyond the classroom! Our instructors work hard to prepare graduates through portfolio building and interview coaching.

  9. New Opportunities
    The Computer Science associate degree prepares you for an immediate job and the college credits earned at P.I.T. count towards earning a bachelor degree or beyond at one of our partner colleges and universities.

P.I.T. is an independent, not-for-profit, degree granting college, accredited by Middle States*
* Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267)-284-5000