Pharmacy Technician - Certification Program Program Manager
If you are detail oriented and enjoy science, you will thrive as a Pharmacy Technician.  The program helps students develop the skills and obtain the knowledge necessary to work alongside Pharmacists, other health care professionals, and with customers.  Instruction includes providing the student with an understanding of human body disorders, pharmaceutical indications and counter-indications, laws and regulations, and drug administration methodology.  Your education will assure competence and expertise as a Certified Pharmacy Technician professional.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the PHT Program is to prepare students to assist registered pharmacists with dispensing prescription medications at retail, hospital, and other dispensing pharmacies. Upon the successful completion of this program, students will possess the knowledge to stock and inventory medications, count or pour medications into dispensing containers, prepare prescription labels, prepare insurance forms, prepare intravenous medications, and other similar tasks. Students are also provided with an externship opportunity of practicing pharmacy technician skills under the mentoring of an experienced registered pharmacist. This program will meet the requirements of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists and the Pharmacy Specialist Education Council. Students are also prepared to take the nationwide Pharmacy Specialist Certification Examination.

Students attend three (3) semesters of classes in a standardized format. The college-level courses in the PHT Program are sequentially built, enabling students to continually strengthen knowledge and skills learned in previous courses. The hands-on approach to instruction enables students to learn important skills and then practice those skills in the classroom under the direct observation and coaching of a qualified instructor.

Student Learning Outcomes
PHT graduates should be able to:
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written forms
  • Follow directions
  • Explain the laws and regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry
  • Demonstrate infection control, hazardous waste management, and sanitation management
  • Define pharmaceutical terminology including generic and brand medications
  • Calculate drug dosages
  • Demonstrate the duties of a pharmacy technician
  • Describe the therapeutic response of medications to the body systems
  • Demonstrate computer literacy
  • Operate word processing applications
  • Utilize the Internet to search and compile information
  • Use pharmaceutical software
  • Compute pharmaceutical billing and coding
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written forms
  • Apply lifeā€“long workplace skills

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Pharmacy Technician
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