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AHT146 - Strengthening Health Care Skills II
This course is a continuation of AHT 144 Strengthening Health Care Skills I. The course is designed to strengthen English, mathematics and reading comprehension skills essential for success in the health care field. Students continue to be selected for mandatory enrollment in this course based upon diagnostic evaluation of skills in English, mathematics, and reading comprehension at the time of enrollment. Students take this specific course simultaneously with taking courses in the Program of study. The instructor and student establish an individual plan to strengthen needed skills using a variety of instructional methodologies. Students attend scheduled class sessions and complete assignments as required. During class sessions, students have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the required skill area. Once students have demonstrated the required skill proficiency, the requirements for this course will be satisfied. Note: The grade earned in this course will apply to the student’s cumulative GPA, but credits from this course are not applicable towards an associate degree.

Pre-Reqs: None
Co-Reqs: N/A

Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 2