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NUR103 - Nursing Practice II
Maternal–child, mental health, and leadership and management concepts are presented in this course. It provides an opportunity to develop the cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary for the care of the obstetric, neonatal, and pediatric client as well as the client with an alteration in mental health. The course explores the interrelationship between individuals and their families in both health and illness, and the impact of physical and behavioral problems on both. Intergenerational care-giving issues are presented. Psychoanalytical, cognitive, and behavioral therapies of human growth and development are discussed. Leadership and elements related to coordination of care, team building, team leading, delegation, and employee motivation are discussed. Preparation for the NCLEX–PN® national licensing examination for Practical Nurses is included. Clinical experiences are scheduled in facilities that provide the student with an opportunity to provide maternal–child and mental health nursing care and to perform in a leadership/management role appropriate to the practical nurse.

Term(s): 2018 Practical Nursing June Start
Course Number: NUR103
Course Name: Nursing Practice II
Pre-Reqs: NUR102 , NUR105 , NUR111 , NUR113 , NUR113
Co-Reqs: N/A

Credit Hours: 14 Lecture Hours: 96 Lab Hours: 0 Clinical Hours: 384