Student Success Stories

Andrew Layton
Computer Science Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Andrew Layton, the Valedictorian for the Class of 2014, has earned his associate degree in Computer Science. He was drawn to this major from a young age as he was exposed to the world of gaming by his mentor, his older brother Mark. It was this exposure to logic skills and creativity that drove him to explore ways to make his favorite games better by solving the flaws he found, making the experience a much better one.

At age 13, Andrew found a script on the web that was written to solve the problems he was having. That code was outdated, so he opened up the script in Notepad and started reading the code. Without knowing anything about programming, Andrew found the pattern within the code, and he then deconstructed the pattern and recreated it in order to keep the script up to date and make it usable. That was his first step towards a career in Computer Science.

Andrew has decided to seek employment in the computer industry while completing his Bachelor’s degree, part-time. We can wholeheartedly say that any company would be lucky to have Andrew and his programming skills, and we at P.I.T. are proud to have been a part of his success.

Angelique Smith
Allied Health-Practical Nursing
Graduated: May 2013

Our heartfelt congratulations go to 2013 P.I.T. graduate, Angelique Smith.

Angelique graduated from P.I.T with an A.S. in Allied Health - Practical Nursing and has transferred to the University of Pennsylvania to complete her bachelor’s degree. In addition, Angelique has received a “Bread Upon the Waters' Scholarship from the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Bread Scholars are selected on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. Angelique is grateful to her P.I.T. family and all her P.I.T. professors, especially the great faculty and staff of the Practical Nursing program.

Congratulations Angie!

Anjelica Cervantes
Graduated: May 2015

Coming from a family filled with engineers and architects, Anjelica Cervantes excelled in math and Newtonian Physics.This led to her interest in pursuing engineering as her college major. This past May, Anjelica graduated from P.I.T with an impressive 4.0 GPA.

Most engineers have a secret artistic life.Anjelica is no different; she is passionate about photography and music, playing both the guitar and violin.You can also find her conducting urban photo safaris!She loves to wander the city with her camera, taking pictures of architecture and residents.

Now that Anjelica has finished her Associates Degree, she wants to find employment as an AutoCad operator. Someday soon, Anjelica plans to return to school to finish her Bachelor’s Degree.There is no doubt that Anjelica will be successful in any endeavor she chooses.

Aquila Ray
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: May 2017

Aquila Ray came to P.I.T. in November of 2014 thinking only of completing a certificate to be a Clinical Medical Assistant. Aquila faced some challenges but she overcame them with her support system that she had in place, including her wonderful mother. Aquila has high dreams and nothing will stop her from completing them. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter during her time here at P.I.T. Aquila also decided to stay and complete the Allied Health degree program. After her graduation in May 2017, she will attend Gwynedd Mercy University using the full 3-year scholarship she was awarded. The P.I.T. community is so very proud of Aquila and what she has achieved.

Congratulations, Aquila. We are all very proud of you.

Caitlyn Schlesinger
Allied Health-Practical Nursing
Graduated: December 2013

Caitlyn came to P.I.T. to pursue her college degree while already working in the nursing and healthcare fields. She had attended college elsewhere, but wanted to attend a whole new school, and fully commit to a program. She selected P.I.T. for its size and personal feel.

Caitlyn's plan included graduating with an A.S. in Allied Health degree and then completing a Practical Nursing certificate from P.I.T. She plans to continue her nursing education once she graduates from P.I.T. Knowing that her credits will transfer to a four-year school was another factor in her choice to attend P.I.T. As an Allied Health student, Caitlyn stood out as a star student, earning a perfect grade point average!

Christopher Sharek
Architectural/Civil Engineering Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Christopher Sharek, class of May 2014, has earned an associate degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering and has been awarded the Outstanding Student Award for his hard work and excellent achievement in his field of study.

A foundation is the supporting layer of a structure, and inarchitecture, it is vital to have a strong foundation. Chris’s primary influences are his parents, Bernard and Denise Sharek, who he praises as the hardest working people he has ever met. Because his father is a carpenter, Chris spent time at job sites, watching the evolution of an empty lot to a completed structure, which inspired him to learn more about the field.

Chris also relied on the support of his uncle, Jim Bonelli, who welcomed him into his home, which allowed Chris to attend P.I.T. While in school, Chris set about to completing school as fast as he could; this involved taking 27 credits in his last semester while also tutoring at P.I.T., and worked part-time at Acero Precision.

Currently, Chris is interviewing with a civil engineering firm. We wish him the best of luck, both professionally and personally!

Christopher Boyle
Computer and Communication Technology
Graduated: May 2012

Christopher Boyle enjoyed being a student at P.I.T. He came here to study computer science. Upon being connected through financial aid with a work study position at a local non-profit, he discovered an affinity for the mental health field. Chris excelled in his humanities coursework at P.I.T. and became very involved at the non-profit, taking on task after task witha newgoal in mind: becoming a mental health practitioner.

Chris now attends West Chester University as a Bachelor of Liberal Arts candidate with an eye towards graduate school for clinical psychology. We wish Chris well in his endeavors and are thrilled that P.I.T. played such a pivotal role in helping him find his professional passion.

Daaiyah Roundtree
Allied Health Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Daaiyah Roundtree graduated in May 2014 with an associate degree in Allied Health and is the recipient of the Hill-Charles Award in Mathematics. She is the type of student who makes a classroom livelier and more interesting. Daaiyah is a new type of 'math nerd' – a label she accepts happily – because she is smart and logical, but also very funny and very personable. She breaks the mold when it comes to the traditional excellent math student, and we are thrilled that she is part of our college.

She was born to Danita Dixon and Darryl Roundtree, who along with her stepfather Mike Savage, raised and supported her to become the young woman she is today. They taught her to never give up and that words of wisdom are sometimes the hardest to hear. The person who inspired Daaiyah the most was her grandmother.

Now that she has graduated from P.I.T., Daaiyah will be working full time, and taking classes to prepare her for nursing school. She is also very happy to be spending more time with her son, watching him grow up. P.I.T. wishes her all the best and we are proud to have helped start her on the way, empowering her to her future success.

Dan Oxendine
Mechanical Engineering
Graduated: May 2014

“I was the first male in my family to attend college. I have worked manufacturing and the refinery industries for over 20 years. I wanted to go on to obtain a four year degree, and P.I.T. was the perfect fit for me.'

'At P.I.T., I was able to get engineering training from people who had practical knowledge and worked in the field. The support and motivation that I received has enabled me to reach for the stars in my academic and professional future. Thanks P.I.T.!”

Dan has applied to Villanova, Drexel University, and Temple University to continue towards his goal of a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Danielle Hudson
Practical Nursing
Graduated: December 2013

As a Delco Tech High School graduate you may have earned credit toward completing your associate degree. P.I.T. gives you a head start!

  • Starting with July 10, 2017 term, Delco Tech students can transfer eligible courses into P.I.T.’s Criminal Justice, Computer Science and Engineering associate degree programs.
  • Delco Tech students may be transfer up to 9-12 credits saving them time and money
  • With P.I.T.'s term system, students can complete their associate degree in less than 1 ½ years!
Interested in learning more? Call 610-892-1500 or attend our Open House on June 10th at 10am and 11am!

Attend the Open House and you will have the opportunity to take the Student First Scholarship exam. One student, at random, will be selected to receive a $500 Open House Scholarship

Denny Ju
Graduated: May 2017

Student Success Story - Transfer Spotlight

Denny Ju

A.S. Engineering -- Class of 2017

Innyi (Denny) Ju is not your typical “traditional” P.I.T. student. Prior to attending P.I.T., Denny had taken classes at his local Community College, and even attended an automotive trade school before discovering his interest in Engineering at the age of 24.

Encouraged by his brother, who previously attended P.I.T., Denny applied to P.I.T.’s Engineering program, He had his previous college transcripts reviewed and transferred, which left him with only one year of college left to complete in order to graduate with his Associate degree in Engineering. Denny’s advice to prospective students who are thinking about college, “Don’t stop until you’re done. [It’s] a waste of time and money.”

One to take his own advice, Denny is not stopping. He has been accepted and will be transferring to Temple University in the Fall, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Congratulations, Denny!

Dominque Shannon
Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: December 2013

Dominique Shannon, a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Clinical Medical Assistant certificate program, was recently hired at Park Stone Medical Associates after successfully completing 180 hours of Externship. Dominique demonstratedher superb work ethic,willingness to learn, and dedication to succeed. Dominique plans on continuing her education to become a Registered Nurse.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Dymond White
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: May 2017

Dymond White

A.S. Allied Health -- Clinical Medical Assisting -- Class of 2017

When you’re motivated, sometimes, nothing can slow you down.

That was the case for soon-to-be graduate, Dymond White. Dymond graduated from South Philadelphia High School in June of 2015, less than one month later she was sitting in anatomy classes at P.I.T.

As a single mother at 17, she knew it wouldn't be easy. White credits her daughter, Serenity, as a driving force to her success, “[she] motivated me to do to better — and has made me a better person.” Dymond also wants to thank her counselors at P.I.T., “who were great.”

Dymond has been accepted to Gwynedd Mercy University’s Bachelor's in Nursing program. Congratulations, Dymond!

Jasmine Hernandez
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: August 2013

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to major in mechanical engineering but got sidetracked at a four year school where they weren’t really paying attention to me. As a result, my program and my path got off track. I came to P.I.T. to get back on track without having to switch my major and for the opportunities to transfer.

At P.I.T., I liked that I was able to start right away with the core classes in engineering. I was originally interested in biomedical engineering to make prosthetics, but found I preferred the mechanical side of engineering rather than the biological aspect. It’s been a good experience at P.I.T. At my four year school, I was so distracted by all the other classes and activities going on that I wasn’t able to focus on what my major was really about. At P.I.T., I have been able to get a true understanding of my field. The teachers here create an environment that is conducive to asking questions. Each teacher is so passionate about what they teach, they inspire you to learn more. Thanks to P.I.T., I am prepared to return to a four year school and earn my Bachelors Degree. I start full time at Temple University in the fall.

Jasmine Allen
Pharmacy Technician
Graduated: March 2015

Jasmine J. Allen graduated from the Pharmacy Technician program with an impressive 3.9 GPA in March 2015. She was the class speaker for the spring School of Professional Programs commencement and she talked in great detail about her positive experience with instructors and staff at P.I.T.

Ms. Allen obtained a unique externship experience after she interviewed for a full time position at Neighborhood Pharmacy. The staff liked her so much they hired her as an extern student and explained that after the completion of her required hours, she would be offered a position as a Compound Specialist.

Ms. Allen plans to continue her education at P.I.T and will return this year to complete her Associate’s Degree in Allied Health.

Justin Shilling
Electronic Health Records
Graduated: May 2013

Justin lives close to P.I.T.When he was ready for a new career, P.I.T. seemed like the obvious choice. Having worked in the medical field administratively, he decided to try something very up-and-coming: Electronic Health Records. Justin became a star student at P.I.T., engaging his teachers, counselors and college administrators in his education and getting to know them.

As Justinneared graduation, he began diligently job hunting. Because he knew so many of theP.I.T. faculty and staff, he had a lot of support and references. His hard work paid off and he landed an amazing position with Drexel University College of Medicine! Justin has become a wonderful ambassador for P.I.T. and will return to speak to new Electronic Health Records students about career opportunities.

We are very proud of Justin and hope that he enjoys his new position and has much continued success!

Kera Jones
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: May 2014

Kera Jones is a May 2014 graduate with an associate degree in Allied Health who has earned the distinction of the Allied Health Award for her outstanding performance in the program at our Center City location, and the President’s Award, which is awarded to the student chosen by the President who shows meritorious service to the College as well as academic excellence.

A native of Atlanta, GA, Kera has wanted to be a nurse since she was a child. Her grandmother was her biggest inspiration and taught her to never give up, and that strength and determination would allow her to be the best she can be.

This advice certainly proved to be true, as Kera has been accepted into Gwynedd Mercy University’s SSN program and has been awarded a $42 thousand dollar scholarship to complete her education.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband, Jayson and her children, Imani and Jaylynn. Most weekends, you can find Kera taking trips or cooking for her family and friends. We at P.I.T. are honored to have played a part in Kera’s success and wish her all the best as she moves towards her dream of a career in nursing.

Kyle Wilson
Computer Science Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Kyle Wilson, class of 2014, has earned his associate degree in Computer Science and the distinction of Outstanding Student in English and Humanities. Rachelle Chaykin, Program Manager for the department, remarks that depending upon who you talk with, Kyle Wilson is a computer science student who dabbles in writing or a writer who studies computer science! Kyle is the kind of student who doesn't fit neatly into a box. He is a man of many skills, and his grades demonstrate a great diversity in interests. If you spend an hour with Kyle, you will cover a dozen different topics with great depth and understanding.

Kyle was born in Coatesville, PA to Lynn and Dan Wilson. He counts his parents as his inspiration because they showed him the love and confidence that gave him the motivation to succeed in life. Now that Kyle has finished at P.I.T., he is looking to continue his education at a four-year university. He enjoys the computer field, and in his spare time, Kyle plays guitar as well as writing video game news and reviews for a website. P.I.T. is proud to be a part of such a well-rounded and inspirational student’s path to success.

Leon Dogan
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: August 2013

Leon Dogan, a 2013 graduate from the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Medical Assistant program, has successfully gained employment in his field of study. Leon was offered a position with Penn Medicine Ankle and Foot Medical Center outpatient practice.

Leon was determined to obtain employment after he successfully passed the national certification exam. Not only did he obtain a position in his field within 2 months of graduating, he also became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Leon will be continuing his education at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technologyby completingan A.S. in Allied Health.

Congratulations, Leon! You are well on your way to a successful career and educational journey.

Melissa Sheffield
Computer-Aided Design Technology
Graduated: December 2012

Melissa Sheffield came to P.I.T. to start over. After spending years in administrative functions at the Court House, she needed to find a new path and chose P.I.T. and Engineering Graphic Design. Melissa quickly became a star at P.I.T. as she stood out from her classmates for her maturity, her engaging personality and her ability to not only master the CAD and EGD curriculum, but to teach it to her peers.

Melissa became a CAD teaching assistant and peer tutor, andupon graduating in December of 2012, she was retained at P.I.T. as a professional tutor to assist the CAD students and teachers. Melissa was selected for a professional, full time, six month CAD internship with a prominent local utility company. Due to her diligence and professionalism, she was quickly hired away from the internship to work full time as a CAD drafter at a professional engineering firm!

We are proud of you, Melissa.

Melissa Rodriguez
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: December 2014

Melissa Rodriguez, a 2014 graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Clinical Medical Assistant certificate program, was recently hired by Phoenix Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, LLC after completing her externship hours at the facility. She absolutely loves every aspect of her new job- calling her co-workers her “other family.”

Melissa said, “My Spanish skills and being very dedicated to my patients for the 180 hour externship experience was what eventually got me the full-time job. I believe PIT gave me an opportunity by placing me at this location but I ultimately earned my spot as a full-time employee.”

Her advice to future externs is for them to test their comfort level and be open to a variety of opportunities. She explained, “You should never discourage yourself just because your site isn’t exactly what you had in mind. I wasn’t happy with my placement in the beginning but then I got the hang of it. I’m glad I stuck it out because I sure do love what I do!”

Melissa plans to continue her education by returning to school for Nursing and eventually work in a hospital setting. With her hard work and positive attitude, she looks ahead to a bright future.

Michael Cottone
Applied Engineering
Graduated: May 2015

Congratulations to Michael Cottone on being selected to attend the Student Veterans’ of America’s 2014 Leadership Institute. We are all proud of you!

Michael is a P.I.T. Applied Engineering Student and a leader in the Student Veteran Organization chapter here on campus. He was selected to join over 125 other student veteran leaders to be hosted by the SVA for a100% free, all expenses paid trip and conference in Bentonville, AR. from June 26thto Jun 29th. Way to go, Michael!

Myles Gordon
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: December 2013

Myles Gordon graduated in December 2013 with his Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to Madison, PA with his wife, their two children, and their family dog Yo-Yo to start his career as a Metrology Calibration Technician at PECO/Exelon.

Myles attempted college full time straight out of high school at the University of Pittsburgh in their Mechanical Engineering Department. He found that he was not focused on his studies and left college to find a job. He then held a position in the electronic medical records industry for 10 years.

In 2011, Myles decided he was ready to try college again. He enrolled in night classes at P.I.T. to resume his education. He left his job in the summer of 2012 to focus full-time on his studies in Mechanical Engineering.

In July 2013, he was hired by PECO/Exelon Power Labs as a contractor. He continued his studies here at P.I.T. moving towards his goal of completing his Associate Degree. He was then offered a permanent, full time position in Madison, PA with Exelon Power.

Congratulations, Myles! P.I.T. applauds your dedication and determination to reach your dream of success!

Natali Shiri
Architectural/Civil Engineering Technology
Graduated: May 2011

Natali Shiri was a star P.I.T. Architectural and Civil Engineering student. A future female engineer, she brought class, enthusiasm, maturity and dedication to her studies. Liked by faculty, administration and students, Natali epitomized the 'student success' mission of P.I.T.

Natali planned to continue her engineering studies upon graduating, but life took a different turn. With the support of the P.I.T. community, and as a new mom, she and her husband decided to open a restaurant here in Media that has become very successful, Desert Rose. As an entrepreneur and restauranteur, Natali is just as classy, smart, sophisticated and dedicated to success as she ever was as a student at P.I.T.

We wish Natali much continued success!

Pamelia Isham
Practical Nursing
Graduated: December 2013

Pamelia Isham graduated from the Practical Nursing Program in December 2013, ending another phase of her educationat P.I.T. She completed an A.S. degree in Allied Health in 2011 & plans to follow her PN certification with a Bridge Program to obtain her RN degree and work as a Surgical Nurse.

Working full time as a Surgical Tech, Pamelia sought a program that allowed her to maintain her income &care for her three children. She discovered P.I.T.’s Evening/Weekend Program & never looked back.

“P.I.T. offered more hands-on learning with plenty of one-on-one time with my instructors. There was a lot of clinical work in the classroom before we ever set foot on the facility floor,” she says. “The instructors have a lot of knowledge from their time in the field at the job they are training us to do. It’s tough, but when you get the answers right, there is a true sense of pride.

“The Nursing staff knows their students. They know your strengths & push you when you need that to succeed.”

Congratulations, Pamelia! We wish you all the continued success going forward & thank you for allowing us to help you start towards your dreams.

Romario Wallace
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: May 2013

Romario discovered a passion for engineering while serving in the Armed Forces. Although initially enrolled in community college, Romario decided to transfer to P.I.T. to take advantage of its small size, personal attention, and hands-on learning. As a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Graphic Design, he took on many academic credits and served as a studentambassador to make the most of his time and experience at P.I.T.

Upon graduating with honors and earning the Dean's Award for Exemplary Service to the College, Romario was accepted to Villanova University. He was awarded a full scholarship to complete his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and earn an advanced degree in Materials Engineering.

We are very proud of Romario and expect great things from this entrepreneurial engineer!

Rudisha Beattie
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Graduated: December 2012

Rudisha Beattie commuted to P.I.T. from South Jersey for two years, and it was worth it!

Rudisha is a bright and talented student who started her engineering career at Rutgers University’s Main Campus in northern New Jersey. She found the environment overwhelming and cold. Upon moving back home to South Jersey, she searched for a technical education that was college level but not a large, impersonal community college. She found P.I.T.

Rudisha’s success at P.I.T. was due to personal attention from her teachers and her advisors. Already a bright and accomplished young woman, Rudisha thrived in the Architectural and Civil Engineering program. She was accepted into Rowan University to continue with her technical education, choosing to study Planning. Rudisha has since been back to visit P.I.T. because of the connections she made here academically and socially.

Because of P.I.T., Rudisha is well on her way to completing her Bachelor’s degree in a prestigious four year technical program.

Sikiru Ramoni
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: August 2013

My name is Sikiru Ramoni and I am an Allied Health student at P.I.T. I was introduced to P.I.T. by a friend of mine in 2012. I was told about the Clinical Medical Assistant and Allied Health programs. Although I already knew I wanted to pursue a four year degree in nursing, I wanted to first earn an Associate Degree to be able to go out and work sooner. I chose P.I.T. because of the location as P.I.T. is very close to my house and the tuition is more affordable than at a four year college. I also liked that it is a small college. The class size allows one-on-one interaction between student andinstructor. I have enjoyed my academic career here.

I am from Nigeria where I was a very successful fish breeder. I came to the USA in May 2011 for better a opportunity.When I came to the USA, I decided to pursue educational opportunities right away. I’ve had great teachers here at P.I.T. The instructors are always there to help the students. In fact, if P.I.T. were a four year college, I would stay here. In the Fall 2013, I will be pursuing my BSN at Immaculata University.

Susan Steele
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: May 2001

Susan Steele is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. She works as a Bridge Erection Engineer with High Structural Erectors, LLC. She began her path to this accomplishment when she earned her associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at P.I.T. She says of her time here: 'My experience at P.I.T. gave me the fundamentals for a successful and fulfilling career. The education was essential, but the lessons taught by my professors gave me the perseverance to succeed. The encouragement and confidence of the faculty opened many doors for me in the passing years. My special gratitude to Professor Gambs.'

Susan went on to Penn State University to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering, and to earn her Master’s Degree in Engineering Science. Through the ten years she was attending school, Susan would get up at 4 am to study before she went to her full-time job.

Susan feels the encouragement she received from her professors at all of the schools she attended gave her the drive and enthusiasm to earn her degrees. If not for them, she doesn't know if her dreams would have come true.

Teryl Singleton
Computer and Communication Technology
Graduated: December 2012

Teryl Singleton was referred to P.I.T. by a friend in the computer field. What he liked most about P.I.T. was interacting with staff who were respectful and always gave support and advice.

Teryl attended P.I.T. full time while working full time as an assistant manager in the restaurant industry. His consistency, professionalism, intelligence and good nature made him a favorite student. Upon graduating from P.I.T. ,Teryl transferred to Peirce College where he is continuing his education to earn his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.

Teryl recently came back to P.I.T. for some personal attention and guidance to help him move forward in his field, because of the level of service we provide to students and graduates. We are very happy to have Teryl come back and visit. We know he will make us proud with the bright future he has ahead of him in a technical career.

Timothy Buckley
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Graduated: May 1984

Father Timothy Buckley graduated from P.I.T. in 1984 with an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design. His plans altered from this career path when he answered a calling to enter religious service. He entered Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in 1985 and was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1992.

Father Timothy has served over 22 years in seven different parishes in the Philadelphia region, and currently serves as the Parochial Vicar at St, Mary Magdalen Parish and School in Media, PA.

Whether performing Mass, meeting his parishioners, or working with students, his life has been dedicated to the continued pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to service. P.I.T. is delighted to honor him on the 30th anniversary of his graduation from the college.

Tishann Kennedy
Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant
Graduated: August 2013

Tishann Kennedy graduatedfromPennsylvania Institute of Technology’s A.S. Allied Health - Clinical Medical Assistant programs.

Tishann was an extraordinary student who demonstrated hard work and dedication to become successful in her field of study. Tishann always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude no matter what struggles in life she was dealing with. Tishann was recently accepted into a 4-week paid training program with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphiawhich will train her to work under their guidelines and protocol. After successful completion of the program Tishann will be placed within the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia network as a full time employee.

Congratulations, Tishann! It is has been an honor and pleasure to work with you. Good luck and keep up the hard work!

Tyriece Glenn
Business Administration Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Tyriece Glenn, the recipient of the P.I.T. Program Award for Business and May 2014 P.I.T. graduate with an associate degree in Business Administration is on his way to fulfilling his dream: owning a restaurant that serves delicious exotic, international meals.

He was born in Philadelphia to Felicia Spell and Herdie Roussaw, both of whom taught Tyriece the value of education. Throughout his childhood, high school, and college, his parents have been the ones cheering him on, inspiring him to achieve success. Tyriece fully admits that he has worked so hard through his life because he wants to make his mom happy and proud of him. Even when he occasionally stumbled, he said that his mom always said, “no matter what, you will do better next time. Just give it your best and never give up.”

Tyriece chose business because he knows that the restaurant business is tough, and he wants to understand how to run a business successfully. After P.I.T., he is planning to expand his work experience while attending Temple University, majoring in accounting. P.I.T. wishes Tyriece all the best and we can’t wait to make reservations at his restaurant!

Vick Mahant
Computer Science Technology
Graduated: May 2014

Vick Mahant, Class of 2014, has earned his associate degree in Computer Science and has earned the distinction of the Outstanding Student Award in his field of study. He has overcome many difficulties on his road to academic success such as coming to a new country, having to learn a new way of life, and a new type of schooling.

Vick was born in India to Kalpeshkumar and Seema Mahant. As a child, Vick was deeply influenced by his uncle, a college professor. His uncle had a computer and he taught Vick not only the great potential behind the computer, but also how to use it. This inspired a life-long love affair with computer technology.

Now that Vick has finished his degree at P.I.T., he will be moving on to Drexel University in Philadelphia to earn his bachelor’s degree in software development.

Zachary DiFonzo
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Graduated: May 2011

Zachary DiFonzo, a 2011 grad of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s Architectural and Civil Engineering program, was hired by The CUSD shortly after he received his degree.

He loves working with all of the computer systems in the SD and finds it challenges his ability to manage his team and improve the technology in the classrooms. Zachary offered some advice to P.I.T. students. He said, “You will gain the knowledge of the technical details and managerial aspects of working in I.T. in the classroom, but do not forget to make connections and get the real world experience as well.”

Zach enjoyed his time at P.I.T. because of the consistency of the professors, small/intimate class sizes, and the opportunities he was given to build his leadership skills every day. He has plans to continue his education by returning to school for a Bachelors in Info. Sciences and Tech. Zach’s goal is to become a director of a Tech Dept. and grow his tech consulting firm. If Zach stays on this path, his tech dept. may have a new director soon!