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Business Administration

Business Students at P.I.T.

Getting Down to Business with The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology!

If you’re looking to change careers, advance in your current position or reenter the job market, then you are the ideal candidate for The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s associate degree in Business Administration.

This is the perfect time to take stock of your future in an environment that will train you, foster your self-esteem and give you the tools you will need for future success.
Why Business Administration?
To be successful today, every job involves knowledge of the business process. Business Administration refers to those processes that are required to run businesses in today’s complex environment.

Understanding the way a business runs will give you a competitive advantage in obtaining a job, or in growing in your current career.
Learning through experience.
Knowledge is obtained not just through the classroom experience, but from actually doing the job. At P.I.T. we attempt to provide as many hands on learning opportunities as possible. This hands on teaching process is known as Experiential Learning.

Experiential Learning includes tools such as:
  • Real-world interaction with local businesses. You don’t just learn about business, you work with businesses to help them to solve their everyday business problems.
  • Developing a real business plan for launching a new business.
  • Case studies that put the student into the seats of major corporate executives in finding solutions to their corporate problems.
Career Opportunities?
P.I.T. has modeled its Business Administration Program after the four year programs at many of the major business schools in the area. This makes your two year associates degree fully transferable to those who successfully complete their courses.

This creates the opportunity for you to complete your bachelor’s degree and work in all areas of business including;
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Finance
  • Accounting
Where can I go after P.I.T.?
P.I.T. launches you into a world of opportunity! You can transfer your associate degree credits to a four-year college or university to pursue your bachelor of science degree. You can start working in your field right after graduation. You can work in your field and pursue your degree part-time. P.I.T. will prepare you for the next step that’s right for YOU.
Why choose P.I.T. for your Business Administration degree?
  1. Experienced Instructors
    Our instructors either come from a real world background or still hold positions in their fields. They share their working knowledge to better prepare our students to enter the workplace.

  2. Intimate learning environment and family atmosphere
    Our instructors know each student on a first name basis. Smaller class sizes allow us to focus on each student’s individual strengths and areas to improve.

  3. Parallel learning
    P.I.T.’s unique “parallel learning” approach saves time and money for our students. We offer both skill strengthening and degree classes at the same time, fast-tracking students to a degree.

  4. Flexibility
    Our flexible schedule is ideal for students balancing work, family, and school.

  5. Free tutoring
    Scheduled tutoring from both instructors and honor students is available to ALL P.I.T. students, free of charge!

  6. Portfolio Building and Interview Coaching
    The value of a P.I.T. education extends beyond the classroom! Our instructors work hard to prepare graduates through portfolio building and interview coaching.

P.I.T. is an independent, not-for-profit, degree granting college, accredited by Middle States*
* Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267)-284-5000