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The associate degree in Engineering teaches basic engineering principles and design, introducing you to a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, including civil, mechanical, and process control engineering.

Coursework emphasizes the application of engineering principles to machines and manufacturing. In addition to the standards and codes for mechanical design, you will develop a practical knowledge of engineering mechanics, material properties, metrology (the science of weights and measures), theory of machines, and manufacturing processes. Through laboratory experiments, you’ll learn how to record data, analyze results, and apply the results to suggest improvements to a product.

You’ll become proficient using the latest Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software to create drawings and diagrams. Experiential learning opportunities augment classroom instruction through visits to plants, job sites, labs, and direct interaction with site supervisors.

Flexible scheduling options – including online and blended learning, as well as day and evening classes – provide convenience and also help you earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months.

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Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Engineering program, graduates should be able to:

Program Objectives
  • Explain safety rules related to the manufacture and operation of tools and machinery
  • Perform foundational structural analyses
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of standard and advanced technology manufacturing processes that use electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic system components
  • Read, interpret and develop schematics and detailed specifications that relate to tool and machine design
  • Explain and apply the principles and limitations of measurement techniques and instruments
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Prepare for Your Career
Engineering students talk with professor

This degree is designed for the individual interested in pursuing an entry-level career with greater growth opportunities, as well as for the student seeking to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Student Success Story
Photo of Hezouwe Ngani
Hezouwe Ngani Engineering Graduated: May 2018

Hezouwe Ngani is the type of student who truly benefits from a small college experience. Originally from Togo where he was an elementary school teacher, Hezouwe’s first language is French. However, his interest in engineering led him to P.I.T. where he has excelled in all of his classes, including his composition classes. He is polite, inquisitive, very intelligent, and dedicated to being an outstanding engineer. More importantly, he understands the value of hard work, often translating difficult engineering terms into French to gain a better understanding of the nuances implied in English. He is dependable, friendly, and very well-liked by all of his instructors and the staff he has worked with. Even at orientation, he made sure to meet his instructors and develop a rapport with them. In years to come, we will be able to count Hezouwe as one of our outstanding alumni!

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