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My Life at PIT by Abimbola

Abimbola OlatonaWritten by: Abimbola Olatona (

I choose Pennsylvania Institute of Technology [P.I.T.] because I became inspired by a friend who graduated from the Practical Nursing program at P.I.T., and through the encouragement of love ones that believed in me. Feeling that I have the potential to become great in life gave me the courage to register in P.I.T.’s Allied Health Practical Nursing program. My goal is to become a practical nurse. I knew furthering my education as a full-time worker and a mother of three little children was going to be very challenging. It was a long night for me before the morning of my first day at school. I couldn’t sleep most of the night; however, I was excited in looking forward to achieve what the day had in store for me. I had to start the day by getting the children ready for school and dropping them off at their schools before coming back home to prepare myself for my school day. My first day at P.I.T. as a student was a happy moment in my life. I felt fulfilled and encouraged with the warmness of the class atmosphere. My first class was English 110, and the teacher was very warm and welcoming with an assuring look on her face that she will be there to help us achieve our goals. We were asked to introduce ourselves to one another after our teacher formally introduced herself to the class. Before the class ended that day we all are comfortable and felt very familiar with one another. Some students exchanged contacts and bonded relationships. Despite all of the stress and challenges in combining work, family and academics, I still try as much as possible to spend time with my family. I leave school around 1.00 pm every school day to pick up my children and then come home to do chores. I get back home by 3.30pm to cook dinner. After that, I study and complete my school work. Sometimes I finish late at night just to make sure everything is set for the following day. I will be focusing my energy into studying and being successful for my future and be happy to face these challenges because I believe it is for a better future.

A Day in the Life of PIT by Rugiatu Kamara

Rugiatu KamaraWritten By; Rugiatu Kamara

First semester of college can be an exciting, and also a confusing time. I was nervous before school started because everyone told me that classes are extremely hard and very competitive. January 20, 2015, was my first day at P.I.T. As I was going through my first semester, I realized that there was a big difference between my studies at P.I.T. and those at Delaware County Community College (DCCC). At P.I.T., not only did I get to study in small classrooms with few students, but I was able to study with students that were very determined and interesting. Furthermore, the environment of the school is very nice and quiet. The other difference I noticed is the parking lot. It is not crowded like the one at DCCC. P.I.T.’s parking lot and the classrooms are very close; students don’t need to walk a long distance. The smell and fresh air coming from the trees, makes me fall in love with the college every day. Moreover, all the teachers at P.I.T. are very friendly and encouraging. They are always ready to answer any question you ask them. Tutors are always available to help students with their school work. Computer rooms are opened to all students; it is not crowed or noisy. In conclusion, my experience in my first semester at P.I.T. is enjoyable. I will definitely recommend it to any of my friends or family members that are ready to pursue their education in other to get a degree and have a better life.

I am a Pharmacy Technician

I worked in a pharmacy for 7 years but was not certified. I came to P.I.T. to check it out and after speaking with an admissions representative, I registered for P.I.T. in September 2013. After submitting my resume to several pharmacies, I began working in a pharmacy before I even got out of school. I have now completed my pharmacy technician certificate and I am now considering coming back for an Associate degree.

P.I.T. has done a lot for me and the teachers and staff are great.
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Written By: Robert Hoyt

Ever since I was a young child, I have felt that it was my destiny to help people. This might sound clichéd, or that a lot of people say that, but I would like to think that there’s a difference between me and other people who have said it. My feelings haven’t changed on the matter. I’m twenty-four years old and I still feel this sense of greater purpose and destiny for helping people. I’ve only come to realize in this last year lies within the healthcare field.

Now I wish I could say that coming right out of high school, P.I.T. was an option for me. That it stood out above all else and was my first choice. As nice as it sounds, it is not the truth. The truth of the matter would be, as it would be for most people, is that my eighteen-year-old self was far different than my twenty-three-year-old self. (I was twenty-three when I started here at P.I.T.) I knew that once I graduated from high school I wanted to take some time off from school. I had just proven all my naysayers wrong: I had gotten my high school diploma. This was something that my earlier teachers had predicted wouldn’t happen. They had said that the next step would overwhelm me. They said this when I was just in elementary school. So, middle school would overwhelm me and let’s not even think about high school at that point in time. They had severely, severely underestimated me.

So with my hard earned high school diploma in hand, I decided I was going to take a little break. Some time off I believe I was entitled to. My time off turned into five years. Some odd jobs here and there, some brutal landscaping jobs during the heat of the summer weren’t cutting it for me. I was nowhere near my “destiny” of helping people. I was stuck and going nowhere. I had lost my direction. I desperately needed a turnaround. That is where P.I.T. comes in.

My aunt had graduated from the Medical Assistant program here and had suggested it to me. She knew that I wanted to help people and she said it was a good school, and affordable. Tuition cost is always something prospective college students look at and it was one of my primary fears about attending college. I didn’t want to be that much in debt. (I have since accepted the fact that anyone who wants to better themselves with an education will have some debt.) So I decided I would go and give P.I.T. a try. I made an appointment and went in to talk to someone.

In the meeting room there was a mannequin with the dark blue scrubs that are associated with Medical Assistants here at P.I.T. The thing was, though, it was on a female mannequin. Which makes sense, of course: females generally populate the healthcare field. Nurses, doctors, medical assistants, etcetera. They’re the ones that are imagined to be out in the field, not men. Not someone like me. As my admissions representative was getting some papers for me, I said to my mom and my aunt (who had come for moral support and was interested in coming back here for school) and said, “They’re going to have to change that.” I said, pointing at the female mannequin. While this doesn’t serve too important a detail in the overall story, I found motivation in it; something to strive for.

In my time here at P.I.T., I’ve found a bunch of nice, caring people who do genuinely want you to succeed. The teachers are great, too. They made the transition easy for me and I’m well into my second semester, with my third and final semester on the horizon. When it’s all said and done, P.I.T. has helped me prove my naysayers wrong again. I would like to thank everyone at P.I.T. who supports me. They’re good people, and an even better school.