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Scatter My Ashes Where?

bergdorfsSecond semester has rolled around as I’m sure you all know, but just like a new semester I have begun to have new thoughts about my career path. Better yet, I have been contemplating my career path. My mind is all wrapped up in thoughts about the future and it’s hard for me to stay focused on the present. I completely understand that the program I am in now is a great one to be in, but what if I wanted to transfer to one of my choices whether that be an art school in Philadelphia or New York to become an art director?  Or maybe I want to take a more concrete path and try becoming a Dental Hygienist or Veterinarian. Regardless, I need certain classes to transfer to one of these options and right now I don’t believe my current studies can do that. I’m a tad hesitant though to switch, I don’t want to mess up anything or get people confused or angry by switching… (That’s for sure one of my flaws, “people pleasing”.)

I just have so many hopes and dreams I can never get my thoughts together. Recently, I watched a movie on Netflix called “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” Now if you don’t know what Bergdorf’s is… well, shame on you! Bergdorf’s is just the first half of Bergdorf Goodman, which is a department store in New York City. In this movie they talked about the history of the building and the Bergdorf and Goodman families. Upon feasting my eyes on the gorgeous Louboutin heels and Michael Kors dresses, I fell in love with my love for fashion all over again. Don’t you think that means something? Or does it not? This is the constant battle I have with myself. Do I just love it or is it the path I should take. I mean I love food but I know for sure I don’t want to take that route. I have an unpleasant job in my past to thank for that.

As the movie went on, I admired the scenery of New York City so much I felt as if my heart melted for it. A women named Linda Fargo appeared and she is known as the “eyes of Bergdorf’s” or so I’ve read, yet I do believe it’s true. As Senior Vice President at the luxurious store, she is “responsible for spotting trends and shaping the visual identity of the storied and opulent New York department store,” says the Business of Fashion website. The job she or any fashion guru, art director, photographer, journalist excites me but also scares me half to death!  That’s when I start to think about possibly dentistry or becoming a vet. I can still be the trendy fashionista that I am, especially when I would be making a good living to treat myself in that way, let myself indulge in the fashion industry even if I’m not exactly in it, in it. Does that make sense?

To help people or animals would be amazing! I have come to believe that my nature is to nurture. To take care of others whether it’s on their teeth or furry belly’s. Another thing that puts a wrench in my thoughts is I have these visions of my future living in the suburbs, me working the 9-5 as well as my husband and then coming home and enjoying their company. I adore those thoughts because I do want a job where I can come home at 5 or 6 at night and have a meal with my loved ones. Heck maybe living on a large amount of land with our chickens and horses. But hey, it’s not like I couldn’t do my writing on the side, maybe even start my own blog?

Have I lost you yet? I bet while reading this you’re just as confused as I am — trust me, I get it. I have a long way to go before I finally decide on what path I am going to take whole heartedly. At least I only have to pick between 3, and not 5 or 6 anymore, right?


Meet Student Services – Garrison Lockley

garrison lockleyJust because it’s a new year, doesn’t mean I forgot about the interviews! Today’s interview was with Garrison Lockley, and if you don’t know who he is, I advise you to get to know him. Garrison is super nice, and is most definitely there for you if you need him for academic help. His office is located across the hall from the ARO on the main floor.


1. What or who made you the person you are today?

The person who influenced me is my mother Lisa Lockley. She is an educator and a Christian woman who has a compassionate heart and who desires to make a difference in the lives of others and in her community. Through my mother’s values, I have learned to give back to others who are need and help others try to reach their full potential educationally.


2. Explain what your job consists of on a day to day basis.

Here at P.I.T., I am an Academic Support and Financial Literacy Counselor/ Tutorial Coordinator. As an AS&FC, I am responsible for both associate degree and certificate students in health-related program areas (i.e. Health Science, Allied Health, Practical Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, and all School of Professional Programs). My daily responsibilities can include:  monitoring my student caseload and grant related student attendance, mid-term and final grades, addressing student concerns and student referrals from teachers, conducting student appointments, and participating in special events such as pre-registration, student orientations, and May commencements.

In 2014, I was asked to become the Tutorial Coordinator here at P.I.T. As the Tutorial Coordinator, I am the contact person for students looking for supplemental tutoring. I interview and hire the Professional and Peer Tutors and monitor tutored students final grades to measure success of the tutoring program.


3. What was your major in college?

In 2002, I received my bachelor’s degree in History and later in 2007 I received my Masters in Education with a concentration in Secondary School Counseling from Widener University in Chester PA. In May 2015, I will be receiving my Masters in Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary which is affiliated with Eastern University.


4. Did you want to be anything else while you were growing up and going through your college career?

I always had a desire to be an educator whether it was in teaching or counseling young people. My second career choice would have been in sports management as an athletic director.


5. What is your weakness? Strengths?

My biggest weakness in life would be “doing too much.”  Every now and then, I need someone to help me with time management. I believe my strongest strength is my faithfulness and perseverance in all that is given or ask for to me to do.


6. What’s your favorite part of your job?

First, I just enjoy journeying with students pursuing their educational endeavors and dreams. Second, I appreciate my professional relationships with my P.I.T. staff and administration, and students.


7. Do you discover any challenges about your job?

There is not a semester that goes by that my heart doesn’t ache for students who experience a life crisis, but due to the lack of resources available to them, the end result is that they must withdraw from school to handle the situation. As an AS&FC, I am always trying to find human resources to help these students cope with their situations.

Plot Twist: Valentines Day – not just for couples?

Funny-Valentines-Day-Quotes-For-SinglesIf you are aware of your days and months – which I hope you all are – then you know that it’s February and only a few days left till Valentine’s Day.

Even though I am in a relationship, I definitely do not forget the “lonely” v-days and how I felt as if I were the only single girl out there! I know how silly it sounds now, but there are those who still wish they had that special someone to share it with.

To all the single guys and gals out there, no need to sweat it. Just because you see posts on Instagram and Twitter of lovey-dovey couples doesn’t mean you need to soak in your sobbing tears or build yourself up with anger. Doing those things will only affect you in the worst way possible. Instead, try making a girls’ night out of it. Instruct your single girl friends on what to bring such as popcorn, comedy and/or horror movies, a bottle of wine, board games, facial and nail kits etc… For the boys, simply invite your buddies over and telling them to bring some beer, video games, and snacks (enough to feed 10 even if there’s only 4 of you!) -For those who would prefer the company of both a male or female presence during this heart-shaped holiday, try something new like gathering a group of your single girl and guy friends and creating a scavenger hunt throughout the town

In all honesty, there is no need to sulk and become miserable on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to flowers, a card, heck even buy yourself that box of chocolate covered strawberries, who cares! As long as you are reminding yourself you don’t need anyone to make you happy or complete, and that you are just as amazing single as you would be in a relationship. Bottom line is, never forget you, regardless of what holiday it is.


My Life at PIT: Procrastination

Sadly, I am one who procrastinates. About a month ago I was given 3 papers that are due this week — the week of finals. So of course I waited until the last minute to do them. I actually have one due tomorrow and I think I have about 3 sentences done. Yikes! The other 2 papers are done, thank goodness.procrastination

The only reason why I wait so long? I used to have everything done on time. Then, the night before certain things were due, I would freak out trying to figure out if I did it or not, even scrambling around the house trying to find it. So now I say to myself, “Save yourself the aggravation and torture, and just wait like a week or two before it’s due. Five page papers aren’t hard to do…”

Well I was wrong. The one paper I have to do is on such a broad topic —  and not very clear I might add –  that I’m struggling to figure out what to write about for it. Thankfully, my internet was turned back on so now I have all night to figure it out. These next 2 days I’m not too worried about my sleep. Hey, I’ll get all the sleep I need when it’s all over. A nice long rest will help me relax for this winter break! I am jam-packed with working at school, studying for finals, and getting these papers done. I’m surprised my head hasn’t fallen off yet!

Eventually, maybe, possibly… I’ll learn to not procrastinate, and not to let myself freak out about it, but that’s a part of life I guess. I have to learn and grow at some point!

Meet the ELT: It’s Annamarie Cassidy!

Today I interviewed Annamarie Cassidy, PIT’s Chief Financial Officer. Her office is located in the Business Office. First of all, we hit it off right from the start. I know 2 of her nephews that I used to hang out with while we were in high school: it’s a small world! Besides that, I really enjoyed this interview because I felt super comfortable talking with her. She’s super nice, very easy to talk to, and has a great personality!

AMCQ: What college did you attend?

A: “West Chester University”

Q: What was your major and how long did it take to get it?

A: “My major was accounting and it took me the 4 years to achieve it. I wanted to get in and get out”

Q: What do you love most about P.I.T.?

A: “What I love the most is my staff and co-workers who I have found great friendships in. I also love being able to help students further their careers.”

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: “Yes. I love to cook, and about 3 years ago I took on knitting, so now I knit socks, sweaters, and blankets for my nieces and nephews and sometimes for my 5 other sisters.”

Q: When did you start working at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology?

A: “I believe I started working here around 2006″

Q: What’s something people don’t know about you?

A: “Not much. I’m an open book. I love to interact with my staff, like bringing them food, telling them what I did during the weekend, and asking what they have planned. If someone were to ask if I were ‘the quiet one,’ a lot of people could vouch for me and say that’s defiantly not me.”

Q: Is there anything you would change about your past?

A: “I couldn’t say I regret anything. I see it as lessons learned. Although I wish I would have left my public accounting job in 10 years instead of 12 years, but I gained my CPA licenses, so overall I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Q: Who is your inspiration and why?

A: “My dad, he would always stress hard work, family commitment, and how family is everything. Being able to provide my sisters and I with memories from vacations and family traditions was important to us because we loved being around each other.”

My Fear of Public Speaking

Signature:baed3687aecc9fc02b05e033f52ab04b5ac34144c6f0702c4e0cfe36f9d34041Throughout my school years, I was never the type of person who enjoyed getting up in front of the class and presenting a paper or poster for a project. Even reading a paragraph in a book out loud in class was nerve wracking.

I can remember when we had to do “popcorn” in class, which was when you would read as much as you wanted out loud and then call on a classmate to pick up where you left off. Any time someone called on me, I would read a word or just one sentence then call popcorn. Oh, and at the beginning of new classes, teachers would ask us to tell them one thing about themselves they would like the teacher to know. I always put down “I do not like to speak publicly.”  The reason why I dread it so much is because I shake, my face gets super red, which is completely noticeable because I’m so pale, and I have a stuttering problem as well.  All those things combined are just a recipe for disaster.

The funny thing about all of this is that, for those who know me well, my true personality is outgoing and bubbly.  Others may think public speaking would be easy for me, but unfortunately it’s not.

Being in college now, they expect it often from all students. Recently, I had a mishap of trying to present my paper in front of my class. Let’s just say I was told to sit down — embarrassing much? It’s a constant battle because I do try to hide from it. If presentation were removed from the curriculum I would be a happy girl!

So, for those who also struggle with glossophobia – the term for fear of public speaking — trust me when I tell you that you’re not the only one! Just don’t ask me to tell you in front of the whole class, ok?

Meet the ELT: Here’s Bob Hancox

As the interview adventures continue, I have managed to speak with the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Bob Hancox. I discovered some info that even surprised me. Read on and find out what I learned!

Q: What High School did you go to?

A: “I went to Summit High School in New Jersey.”

Q: What college did you at go to and what was your major?

Bob HA: “Actually I went to 3 colleges, First was Lycoming College for my Bachelor’s Degree in Pre Med, then I went to Fairleigh Dickinson for my Masters in Business and lastly I went to Pace University and received my Ph.D. in Strategy.”

Q: What made you choose to work here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology and when did you start working here?

A: “I picked this particular school because I really enjoy P.I.T.’s passion for student success and I started 2005.”

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: “I am a huge fan of professional sports.”

Q: What is something people wouldn’t know about you?

A: “Once I graduated high school, I played minor baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.”

Q: Would you change anything about your past?

A: “Honestly, I would go back and become a more conscientious student.”

Q: What are your dreams for the future of this school?

A: “I hope to strengthen our mission and to see more students succeed.”

Meet the ELT: Here Comes Laura Blomgren!

It’s always great to know who is involved with your school because it really shows what type of environment you will be in. Today’s interview brought me to the lovely, laid back, cool, and friendly Laura Blomgren, Director of Financial Aid. This interview was short, sweet and very informative for this blog post that I hope you enjoy.

Q: What college did you attend?

A: Goldey-Beacom College

Q: What was your major and how long did it take for you to achieve it?

Laura B 2 A: Well, before I went to Goldey-Beacom I did attend Delaware County Community College for 3 semesters to attain my General Education Studies. Once I did that, I transferred those credits over to Goldey-Beacom and received my Bachelor of Science in Financial Management within three years. A few months before I graduated with my Bachelors, I decided to pursue my MBA with a concentration in Financial Management, which I then completed within a year.

Q: What’s something you admire about P.I.T?

A: My favorite thing about P.I.T is how the ELT (Executive Leadership Team) works as a team and also being able to help students obtain their goal and help them strive for success.

Q: Have any hobbies?

A: Yes, I love biking and also going to concerts!

Q: Who is your inspiration and why?

A: I would have to say my parents are my inspiration. They have been through some rough patches and they just help out a lot when they don’t need to, including helping my brother and me.

Q: When did you start working here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology?

A: I started working here this past August 2014, I really enjoy it, and I’m still standing!

Q: Proudest moment?

A: Hmm… I think graduating college with an MBA is one of my proudest moments for sure.

Q: If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?

A: Nothing. I have no regrets because what I did in the past made me the person I am today.

Meet the ELT: Announcing Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio

DONA - Act101-1AI am on a roll with meeting the Executive Leadership Team, if I do say so myself. Even on this dark and gloomy day I had the joy of speaking with the Dean of Student Services, Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio. Along with being a pleasure to talk to, she did inform me on some issues that I am very interested in, in order to help out our beloved school! Stay tuned for the new and creative ideas I have in store for P.I.T.

Q: What were your dreams as a kid?

A: “As I was growing up I found a joy in hopefully becoming a United Nations Translator. Although throughout my school years I received awards to achieve my goals in education.”

Q: What high school did you go to?

A: “I attended Archbishop Prendergast High School”

Q: What college did you go to and what was your major?

A: “I went to St. Joseph’s University for my Bachelor of Science degree for Elementary Education, then I went to Widener University and got my Masters for Adult Education, and my Doctor of Education degree for Reading and Language Arts.”

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Although my mom passed away I still believe that she and my kids are my inspiration. My mother played a big role in my life, she always told me to reach for the stars and that nothing was impossible, even for women. My kids are amazing too, they always live life to the fullest and have a positive attitudes.”

Q: What is your goal for the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology?

A: “A lot. The number one goal I would say is to continue to grow and to serve students and help them reach their highest potential and success.”

Q: When did you start working here at P.I.T?

A: “In 1988 I was a full time instructor and head of the English Department and ran the Tutoring Program. Then in 1996 I went back to school for my Masters at Widener. In 2001, Mrs. Garrison asked me to come back and I have been here ever since”

Q: Any hobbies?

A: “Oh yes! I love to read, dance, watch movies and also took up knitting with Annamarie Cassidy”

Q: With the holidays coming up, what is your favorite holiday?

A:” Christmas for sure is my favorite.”

Q: Would you change anything about your past?

A: “Have more kids!”

Messy Monday Morning!

Last week I couldn’t make it to school, so I emailed my teacher the tests that were due. I wanted them to be in on time and present, even if I wasn’t. Throughout that day and the rest of the week I was thinking all my assignments were handed in and that I was good to go for my classes.

Well, I was wrong!

tired-stressed-graduate-f-011I checked my email last night just because, and low and behold I had an email from my teacher saying he couldn’t find any of my test that I handed in. I didn’t panic at that point because I knew I sent them.  So today I opened up my email and printed out the first test. When I went to go print out the second one, I couldn’t find it either! This is when I started to panic. I’ll be honest: the day I sent it, I did it last minute.  But it was completed, that I know for sure.

Anyway, I was freaking out, trying to get my boyfriend’s computer to work, because the internet was being so slow, and I had about 3 minutes – no exaggeration – before the paper was due. Boy, was I rushing and freaking out.

The fact that I am completely sure I did hand in my work makes me frustrated. Because now that it’s not in my email that I sent to my teacher, I am afraid he will think I was lying about handing it in, which I would never do! I can’t believe this just happened! I guess I’ll try to explain it to him in class and see if he’ll let me hand it in when I get home. Fingers crossed!