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Meet the ELT: Announcing Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio

DONA - Act101-1AI am on a roll with meeting the Executive Leadership Team, if I do say so myself. Even on this dark and gloomy day I had the joy of speaking with the Dean of Student Services, Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio. Along with being a pleasure to talk to, she did inform me on some issues that I am very interested in, in order to help out our beloved school! Stay tuned for the new and creative ideas I have in store for P.I.T.

Q: What were your dreams as a kid?

A: “As I was growing up I found a joy in hopefully becoming a United Nations Translator. Although throughout my school years I received awards to achieve my goals in education.”

Q: What high school did you go to?

A: “I attended Archbishop Prendergast High School”

Q: What college did you go to and what was your major?

A: “I went to St. Joseph’s University for my Bachelor of Science degree for Elementary Education, then I went to Widener University and got my Masters for Adult Education, and my Doctor of Education degree for Reading and Language Arts.”

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Although my mom passed away I still believe that she and my kids are my inspiration. My mother played a big role in my life, she always told me to reach for the stars and that nothing was impossible, even for women. My kids are amazing too, they always live life to the fullest and have a positive attitudes.”

Q: What is your goal for the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology?

A: “A lot. The number one goal I would say is to continue to grow and to serve students and help them reach their highest potential and success.”

Q: When did you start working here at P.I.T?

A: “In 1988 I was a full time instructor and head of the English Department and ran the Tutoring Program. Then in 1996 I went back to school for my Masters at Widener. In 2001, Mrs. Garrison asked me to come back and I have been here ever since”

Q: Any hobbies?

A: “Oh yes! I love to read, dance, watch movies and also took up knitting with Annamarie Cassidy”

Q: With the holidays coming up, what is your favorite holiday?

A:” Christmas for sure is my favorite.”

Q: Would you change anything about your past?

A: “Have more kids!”

Messy Monday Morning!

Last week I couldn’t make it to school, so I emailed my teacher the tests that were due. I wanted them to be in on time and present, even if I wasn’t. Throughout that day and the rest of the week I was thinking all my assignments were handed in and that I was good to go for my classes.

Well, I was wrong!

tired-stressed-graduate-f-011I checked my email last night just because, and low and behold I had an email from my teacher saying he couldn’t find any of my test that I handed in. I didn’t panic at that point because I knew I sent them.  So today I opened up my email and printed out the first test. When I went to go print out the second one, I couldn’t find it either! This is when I started to panic. I’ll be honest: the day I sent it, I did it last minute.  But it was completed, that I know for sure.

Anyway, I was freaking out, trying to get my boyfriend’s computer to work, because the internet was being so slow, and I had about 3 minutes – no exaggeration – before the paper was due. Boy, was I rushing and freaking out.

The fact that I am completely sure I did hand in my work makes me frustrated. Because now that it’s not in my email that I sent to my teacher, I am afraid he will think I was lying about handing it in, which I would never do! I can’t believe this just happened! I guess I’ll try to explain it to him in class and see if he’ll let me hand it in when I get home. Fingers crossed!

Success at P.I.T.

by Jeanelle Jefferson
My experience at P.I.T. was nothing short of amazing. I first came to the Center City campus in the fall of 2012, where I began my semester in their Medical Billing and Coding program. I was not sure what exactly I was getting myself into and I did not think I was actually cut out for college.

Fortunately, I found out that I was wrong. My grades were far above what I had expected, and I achieved straight A’s through the entire program, ending with a 4.0 grade point average. My Medical Billing and Coding teacher, Ms. Mayberry, encouraged me to apply for P.I.T.’s Allied Health program in which I could obtain an Associate Degree in Science.

I was nervous at first but after discussing the decision with my family and friends, I decided to go ahead and enroll in the degree program. My first semester on the Allied Health side was absolutely eye opening. The staff along with the courses was more than what I had imagined, and it gave me a new insight on what I wanted to do with my life.

The program is filled with skilled teachers who are passionate about their work and even more passionate about their students’ achievements. By the end of both semesters I had made the Dean’s List twice and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honor society in May of this year. Not long after I had finished my degree, I received an invitation to the University of Pennsylvania to visit their school as a transfer choice.

I was beyond ecstatic and still till this day cannot believe it. I am currently filling out my application for University of Pennsylvania as a Psychology major. Because of P.I.T. my life has been forever changed in more ways than one and I will be forever thankful. I have met truly inspiring people and made some lifelong friends along the way. My goals, determination and aspirations were all tested through my time at P.I.T. and it was an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The Library is Your Friend

I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say I don’t go to the library, period.

I love to read, but I never find myself eager to want to stop by and see what the Library has. After doing some searching around on the web about what the Library could do for us, whether it’s for stimulating the brain or using the resources for coursework, I found reasons on why your local Library should be like your local book shop – a great place to get lost for a few hours.

162_6291First and most importantly, chat it up with the librarian — she clearly knows more than yourself, especially if you are not a frequent visitor.  Also, become familiar with locations of books such as fiction, non-fiction, or biography’s. That way you won’t waste your time walking around in circles and end up with nothing but a headache.

Another cool attribute in today’s technology is that we now have the ability to read a book on our smart phones, computers, Kindles ©, and all types of electronics, which I feel is pretty awesome — although I do love the smell of an old library book!

Ask your librarian, or google books that may interest you, and check to see if they can be downloaded onto whatever device you choose.

Lastly, an important detail is that you can check what kind of books your library holds by checking out P.I.T.’s website at and going into Academic Resources, which I feel every school’s website must have. You can use P.I.T.’s Online Library to access Research and Subject Guides created for your use by P.I.T.`s Librarians, and find articles, reference sources, e-books, and other digital resources. Just search different topics you may want to learn more about.

So, next time you want to blow the library off for an afternoon of your favorite cartoon re-run, stop on over and explore everything this romance, educational, murder mystery, and “how to” book filled extravaganzas has to offer for your personal and learning interest!

It’s all about ME!

Recently I have been conducting interviews for the staff here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, and I got to thinking “why not interview myself so people can get to know me better?” So if you have some spare time, take a second and read all about me!

Q: What high school did you attend?

A: I went to Upper Darby High School in Drexel Hill, PA
Morgan McLaughlin
Q: What college did you go to?

A: Well right after I graduated high school in 2013, I was accepted to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Fashion Marketing and Management, but I didn’t go and honestly I don’t know why. Then I went to Delaware County Community College but didn’t have a great experience so I dropped out. Finally after a year I enrolled here at the P.I.T and I couldn’t be happier!

Q: What was/is your major and how long did it take for you to achieve it?

A: Right now my current major is Business Administration, and I am still in the process of earning my Associates degree, but it usually takes about 2 years.

Q: Was there ever a time where you wanted to give up and take the easy route?

A: ALWAYS, unfortunately. I was one of those kids in high school, and even sometimes to this day I get lazy, and I want everything to be easy. But I have been through some tough obstacles that were not easy at all, and I overcame them and became a better person because of it. People tend to make success complicated, myself included. If you show up, do your work the best you can, maybe even put in a little extra effort and strive for your dreams, you’ll get it. Then one day you’ll look back at how “easily rough” it was, if that makes sense?

Q: Any hobbies?

A: Well on and off I have been going to the gym and I am hoping this year my parents get me a membership to LA Fitness for Christmas, because for once I want to be able to finish something, plus I want to become healthier. Usually when it comes to the gym and I, it just doesn’t work out. It’s that ‘being lazy’ thing, I presume. I have a gut feeling that when I do start it in 2015, I am going to stick with it and my gut feelings are right 95% of the time. Other than working out, I do love to write, obviously, and I also love love love reading fashion magazines and sometimes sketching designs!

Q: Dream job?

A: I was 110% sure I wanted to be a whole bunch of things but once I started here at P.I.T  and got the job as the Social Media blogger I knew I wanted to be a journalist for a fashion magazine like ELLE, Marie Claire, Vogue, Nylon, etc.. Although I still wouldn’t mind being a wardrobe stylist for a movie/ TV show.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show, song, and color?

A: Favorite TV show is “Reign” on the CW – seriously, I’m obsessed. I highly recommended it. If you ask my boyfriend he’ll tell you I have way too many favorite songs! But right now I would have to say that my favorite song is anything on the new Taylor swift album “1989,” which is odd because I never liked Taylor Swift before. And my favorite color is orange. It’s just reminds me of summer and I think is fun and bright!

If you would like to know me a little bit better or suggest some topics for the PIT Blog, you can always email me or visit me on the Media Campus, I’m always floating around here somewhere!

(School email:

Holiday Gift Idea

I hope you are all on the Nice List this year because Christmas is creeping up on us! If you’re like me and have a hard time trying to find a perfect gift for your honey and family, it makes you go crazy, and then eat all the holiday cookies. I have found some gift ideas and I am still searching for more to help you guys to give the perfect gift this shopping

Gift Ideas for Mother: 

  • Bath set: Choose a fragrance she loves, or if you’re not sure my suggestion would be lilac –  it smells amazing, and it is also to be said that the smell of lilacs will help you unwind.
  • “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”: If you are well equipped in the money department, consider buying your mom a necklace specifically for her. For example; a personalized wax seal is great if your mom still writes letters; a “mom” charm for her bracelet; a toggle necklace or an engraved pendant with your name on it from Things Remembered.
  • DIY: Do it yourself! Create an original piece for her to express how thankful you are and how much you appreciate her. Check out Michaels Arts and Crafts or AC Moore for fun and glittery items to use
  • What does she need?: Snoop around the house to see if she may be in need of a particular item: hand soap with a scented lotion to match,  new shoes, a blanket, or a scarf.
  • Gift Card: Check out her favorite store and grab her a gift card for something easy!

Gift Ideas for Father:

  • Cologne: Figure out what his favorite brand is – or introduce him to something new – and snag it next time you’re out shopping
  • Tools: If your dad is handy man, no harm in upgrading his tool belt! Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Sears are full of ideas.
  • Brews: Buy a 6 pack of his favorite beer and maybe throw in his favorite movie as well!
  • Gift Card: Men are already so hard to shop for, so stop by his favorite shop and grab him a gift card – i.e. Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Footlocker, or Macys

Gift Ideas for Brother and Sister:

Some of the mother and father gifts could be used for your siblings, but if you don’t want to gift repeat then really think about what they enjoy:

  • Clothes
  • Video games
  • Makeup kits
  • Sports gear
  • Toys (if they are younger)

Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other: 

  • Sentimental: Personalize a necklace or watch with your anniversary dates
  • Unexpected: So it may be a little pricey at times for certain items that they wouldn’t expect getting, but it’s your special person and aren’t they worth it?!
  • Wish Fulfillment: Chances are they have dropped hints here and there now that the Christmas season is coming up. Pick up what they’re putting down, and you should have no problems!
  • Personal Touch: Make a coupon book and include things like “free back rub”, “dinner and a movie of your choice”, “breakfast in bed.” I’m sure they will enjoy the personal touch much more than something you just picked up in desperation to give them something all wrapped up.

Even though the best thing to give is your love during this holiday season, I hope this has helped you out. I’ll keep looking around for some new and different ideas, but these are great starters or back up plans if you can’t seem to find anything!

My Life at PIT – No Rest for the Weary

HeadacheThis week has been, well, its hasn’t been that great. I’ve been conjuring up this excruciating headache that feels like my brain is actually spinning around in circles like a merry-go-round, and after being seen by my doctor I was told I was actually sick. It came to me as a shock because usually I know when I’m sick or getting sick. I guess last week my throat was hurting me, and I did take some time off, but I didn’t know it was to the extent that the doctor would have to prescribe me with antibiotics.

It was all a bit confusing. And missing school is not okay with me because I am missing valuable information in my classes. I am also missing out on working and making money that I desperately need  for a million purposes. Since this is  my first semester back to school, I have found myself fighting battles trying to get up and to remember why I’m going to school. If it were that easy to sleep in and have a perfect life, I don’t think anyone would be happy to be honest. You’ve got to go through tough decisions and life lessons to really become the person that you are today. If everything was perfect I believe that everyone would be the same, and to me that’s boring.

So, I have to constantly remind myself that I am working my way to the top, or at least I hope I get there, and to ask for help when I need it. That was always one of my flaws, never asking for help and I think that’s why I did struggle so much through my high school years. I have been thrown into so many different situations where at some point it did get the best of me, but learning from that and other lessons I know what I need to do in order to succeed. Although it may be tough going to school with a cold and having a hard time trying to focus on my school work with this headache, I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Nothing is easy in this world, and if its easy, its not worth it.

A Business Administration Degree for a Future Journalist

Morgan McLaughlinWritten by:  Morgan Mclaughlin

At this very moment, loads of high school seniors are having thoughts run around in their jam packed brains. Infused with homework, tests, projects, and social life. Well, for starters, BREATHE! It may seem all too stressful now and for some, it may take an extra year or 4 to figure out which direction you want to take. For me, it took a year and a half to finally realize what I wanted to do.

During my time off I worked at a job that was just enough for me to fulfill my “needs” (clothing, makeup, movies, or dinner with friends.) I thought to myself, “Do I want this for the rest of my life?” I couldn’t stand the thought of “just getting by.” I wanted to make something of myself. I jumped from idea to idea about what type of career I would go into, for example: a dentist, doctor, lawyer; the obvious money makers. As time flew by like a race car, I always thought “yes this will make me money, but will I be happy?” Never once did I forget about my love for fashion, though right now I may not become a designer; I discovered many other options to dive into.

Another interest I included in my musing was the fact that I absolutely and wholeheartedly am obsessed with writing. Now I didn’t want to be just a book writer (although I wouldn’t turn down that option) I wanted to stick to the fashion industry. So I started to think, why not be a journalist for a world renowned fashion magazine such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, or Cosmopolitan. I would get to go to fashion shows, interview designers and models, or interview celebrities about their upcoming albums or movies. It was all so exciting for me and deep down I felt a real connection to it all.

While searching around for what schools to apply to, I stumbled upon the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. At first I was going enroll in the Communications degree because it possessed everything that I wanted, but unfortunately that degree was put on hold due to low enrollments. However, I did choose to enter the Business Administration degree program. The reasons I choose this option were

  1. I didn’t want to be out of school for another 6 months to a year, and
  2. Having a business degree can’t hurt in my career path.

Just because I want to be a journalist, doesn’t mean I can’t obtain knowledge in the business aspect of my chosen career. Understanding the business side of journalism will open more doors for me throughout my career. Actually no matter what your path to your future job or career, having a business degree will be the icing on the cake.

I am now seven weeks into my first year here at P.I.T. and I absolutely love it! I am learning a lot, even though at times I get frustrated and sometimes don’t understand everything, I know I seriously try and with that, I do obtain great results. My instructors are superb and really make me excited for the class. In addition to my education success so far, when I heard about a position as a social media writer I was beyond ecstatic! To find the job I am going to school for at the age of 19…I was speechless! I’m so thankful and blessed that this happened for me.

So what I’m really trying to say to anyone who reads this post is that you should come check out P.I.T. You won’t regret it!

I am a Pharmacy Technician

I worked in a pharmacy for 7 years but was not certified. I came to P.I.T. to check it out and after speaking with an admissions representative, I registered for P.I.T. in September 2013. After submitting my resume to several pharmacies, I began working in a pharmacy before I even got out of school. I have now completed my pharmacy technician certificate and I am now considering coming back for an Associate degree.

P.I.T. has done a lot for me and the teachers and staff are great.
written by:William Shipley (


Written By: Robert Hoyt

Ever since I was a young child, I have felt that it was my destiny to help people. This might sound clichéd, or that a lot of people say that, but I would like to think that there’s a difference between me and other people who have said it. My feelings haven’t changed on the matter. I’m twenty-four years old and I still feel this sense of greater purpose and destiny for helping people. I’ve only come to realize in this last year lies within the healthcare field.

Now I wish I could say that coming right out of high school, P.I.T. was an option for me. That it stood out above all else and was my first choice. As nice as it sounds, it is not the truth. The truth of the matter would be, as it would be for most people, is that my eighteen-year-old self was far different than my twenty-three-year-old self. (I was twenty-three when I started here at P.I.T.) I knew that once I graduated from high school I wanted to take some time off from school. I had just proven all my naysayers wrong: I had gotten my high school diploma. This was something that my earlier teachers had predicted wouldn’t happen. They had said that the next step would overwhelm me. They said this when I was just in elementary school. So, middle school would overwhelm me and let’s not even think about high school at that point in time. They had severely, severely underestimated me.

So with my hard earned high school diploma in hand, I decided I was going to take a little break. Some time off I believe I was entitled to. My time off turned into five years. Some odd jobs here and there, some brutal landscaping jobs during the heat of the summer weren’t cutting it for me. I was nowhere near my “destiny” of helping people. I was stuck and going nowhere. I had lost my direction. I desperately needed a turnaround. That is where P.I.T. comes in.

My aunt had graduated from the Medical Assistant program here and had suggested it to me. She knew that I wanted to help people and she said it was a good school, and affordable. Tuition cost is always something prospective college students look at and it was one of my primary fears about attending college. I didn’t want to be that much in debt. (I have since accepted the fact that anyone who wants to better themselves with an education will have some debt.) So I decided I would go and give P.I.T. a try. I made an appointment and went in to talk to someone.

In the meeting room there was a mannequin with the dark blue scrubs that are associated with Medical Assistants here at P.I.T. The thing was, though, it was on a female mannequin. Which makes sense, of course: females generally populate the healthcare field. Nurses, doctors, medical assistants, etcetera. They’re the ones that are imagined to be out in the field, not men. Not someone like me. As my admissions representative was getting some papers for me, I said to my mom and my aunt (who had come for moral support and was interested in coming back here for school) and said, “They’re going to have to change that.” I said, pointing at the female mannequin. While this doesn’t serve too important a detail in the overall story, I found motivation in it; something to strive for.

In my time here at P.I.T., I’ve found a bunch of nice, caring people who do genuinely want you to succeed. The teachers are great, too. They made the transition easy for me and I’m well into my second semester, with my third and final semester on the horizon. When it’s all said and done, P.I.T. has helped me prove my naysayers wrong again. I would like to thank everyone at P.I.T. who supports me. They’re good people, and an even better school.