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Make the Most of your Thanksgiving Break

Turkey DinnerCan you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Me either! The holidays can creep up on you in the blink of an eye, leaving you trying to figure out what activities you are going to do with your family and friends. I have found some great things to explore – some may be new to you or some may be the same old same old, but there is nothing wrong with tradition.

1. Visit the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade down in Philadelphia: Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

2. Create decor for the season by making Thanksgiving Day crafts

3. Take a trip to Linvilla Orchards and pick up fresh ingredients to bake an apple pie or pumpkin pie (or buy one of their famous pies instead!) for after that savory dinner: Linvilla Orchards

4. After you’ve stuffed yourself with all that delicious food, invite your guest to play a few rounds of touch football, or board games if you’re the indoor type.

5. Stop by Longwood Gardens and enjoy the Autumn’s Color and Chrysanthemum Festival: Longwood Gardens

6. Enjoy the Franklin Square Holiday Festival and Electrical Spectacle Holiday Light Show (November 13th-December 31st 2014): Franklin Square Holiday Festival and Electrical Spectacle Holiday Show

7. If you dare, go out on Black Friday and begin your holiday shopping. Or start your online shopping and take advantage of the special sales without the crowds.

I guarantee there is much more to do during your break, but this will just give you a head start on your search. You can also take a look at for a calendar of special events in the area for the entire holiday season.

The 8 am struggle

Woman being awakened by her alarm clock in her bedroom

Every college student dreads that buzzing noise of their alarm clock in the mornings. During our high school days it was easier since our parents would constantly stampede into the room with the main purpose of dragging our sleepy bodies out of bed so we wouldn’t be late. With college it seems to be a lot more difficult to make those morning classes, or even the afternoon for some. Here are some tricks to help you wake up with ease:

1. Set your alarm an hour early- Hit the sack earlier, no harm in that. Who doesn’t love to go to sleep?

2. Splash cold water on your face-  The fact of even having to get up to do this will be an extra boost before you drench yourself in the icy waters.

3. Blast your music- Go onto YouTube and listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) while you’re getting ready. It is sure to get you moving and grooving.

4. Squeeze in some exercise- Before you walk out that door, run up and down your steps a few time, and/or do some jumping jacks. This will increase your heart rate and get you pumped for your day.

Your classes are important to your education and career success; missing them would only result in a negative outcome. So don’t keep hitting that snooze button on the clock. Instead hit the ground running with these tips!

Studying tips

Finals are on the horizon and you want to get the best grade possible, but you find it hard to avoid distractions and can’t seem to get the jist of studying in general. Ass students, myself included, find studying for exams somewhat difficult at times. So since I am a nice person, I will provide my readers with the 10 steps I take while I study, so that you too can receive an A on your next test!

1. Take really good notes: May sound vague, but what I’m trying to say is that the better your notes are the better chance you have on studying the right material.

2. Participate in class: One great way to receive extra points from your teacher, and get on the right track if you are confused about a topic, is to raise that hand of yours and have the teacher explain it more. Asking for clarification of a topic is always a good idea.

3. Highlight major topics in your textbook: This will help you to remember what your teacher said was important and what you should review for the test. (Remember: you should only do this if you OWN your textbook, not if you are renting it or borrowed it.)

4. Organize a study group with students in your class: Bringing a team effort to your study hours is also a great way to figure out if you’ve missed anything and to learn from others who understand the material more clearly than you do. smaller-studying

5. Switch up your study spots: Continuing to study in one spot can be boring and make you want to get up and leave. Pick a new spot every hour, but make sure it’s quiet so you won’t get distracted.

6. Never pull an all-nighter: Cramming can give you anxiety which causes you to retain less information.

7. Begin to study 1 month before the test: This will give you more than enough time to understand the material and ask questions if needed.

8. Eat a snack: We should all eat healthier in general, but leading up to a test is a time to pack on the high fiber, fruits and vegetables. They will be the best for your performance.

9. Exercise: Slipping in some cardio will do the brain some good. Engaging in 20 minutes of activities that will get your heart pumping can improve your memory. Take a walk around your block or up-and-down the stairs to get some fresh air and a simple workout.

10. Get a good night sleep: 8 hours a night is what all of us should be getting, but for those of us who have a test coming up, that 8 hours will give you the energy to stay focused!

A Push in the Right Direction

Every now and then we find ourselves in a slump, and if you say you’re never confused or hurt, angry or simply having “one of those days,” you’re most likely in denial.StressRelief

If you are experiencing some sort of rut, I believe in talking it out with someone — your mom or dad, brother or sister, friend, or school counselor. There is always a way to help you turn that frown upside down and enjoy the rest of the day.

(1)    Put on some tunes that make you feel amazing. You know, the ones that get your feet tapping. For example the music that makes me feel great is country and pop songs. You hear a great song and pretty soon your mood is lifted.


(2)    Not in the mood for music? Heck, put on your favorite comedy movie and laugh yourself to tears. Laughter is the best form of medicine for your soul. The Mayo Clinic has proven that’s not just a corny saying.


(3)    Create a happy place to escape to when things get rough – carve out one room or even just a corner of one room that has the comforts that make you relax and feel better. A favorite pillow, a soft throw, a good view out of the window – all of these can help you remember the good feelings that you have temporarily forgotten.


(4)    Start a DIY project and empower yourself with creative success. Build a birdhouse, a dog house, a magazine rack. The act of creating something is very soothing and helps build self-confidence. Knitting is popular for a reason – it helps soothe your mind and you end up with something at the ends of the project that you can wear or give as a gift.


(5)    Just enjoy being healthy and alive. Take a walk, join a gym, or take up kick boxing. Volunteer at an animal shelter and take the dogs for a walk. Volunteer at a library or nursing home and read to those who cannot do it for themselves. Giving something of yourself to someone else will make you realize that you are a good person with many gifts.


(6)    Also remember that everything looks worse at night, so never make any rash decisions before you get a good night’s rest. Make notes on what’s troubling you, write down all the negative things you are thinking or feeling, and then review them in the daylight. You will be able to see much more clearly after a good sleep and with some sunlight to lift your spirits.


(7)    Another thing you can do while you’re having the blues is to write down words that empower you and recite them every day if need be, or whenever you’d like a pick up and something to make you feel stronger. Just make sure put them in a safe place where you can find them again.


There is nothing wrong with having a bad day. But to get out of it, remember all the good you have in your life from your loving family, significant other, and friends. Maybe you just landed your dream job or are working your way towards that. It is very important to never forget your goals in life, focus on them, and give yourself that push in the right direction.


Neighborhood Activities

Right here in Media and Philadelphia, there are tons of activities to stumble upon if you and your friends can’t seem to find plans for the upcoming weekend. For example, in Media you can enjoy the performance of Annie Jr that will be showing November 8th-9th and 15th-16th.If you are a Les Miserables fan, the play will debut and be running throughout the months of November, December and January. See The Media Theatre website for specific dates and ticket prices.

If shopping – or just window shopping – is your thing, in Media you can immerse yourself in beautiful boutiques, astounding art galleries, proud pubs and much more.Shopping in Winter

For those who live in the Philadelphia area, indulge in award winning restaurants such as Stateside or Butcher and Singer. If you are a big shopper, check out Walnut Street, for it provides outstanding shops that include Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, and Gap.

On top of all of these wonderful attributes, it’s a great way to take in fresh air and share memories with whomever you bring along on your journey around the town and city. So, next time you and your friends are stumped on what to try next, try some of these activities or search on the internet about what your town has to offer for your weekend getaway!

College on a Budget – How to Use Your College ID to Save Money

Written by Morgan Mclaughlin

As a current college student, I am most definitely aware of the struggle with money. I’m constantly rummaging through old purses and my living room couch for spare change which goes to transportation, school books, and lunches. If this sounds like you, don’t worry; I have come to the rescue!  I have found some ways to help stretch those dollar bills in many areas such as clothing, social outings, and also transportation.

A big advantage of being a student in or near Philadelphia is that the Philadelphia Art Museum provides a discount to students for as low as $14. If that doesn’t get you excited about a museum trip then I don’t know what will. Spending Saturday afternoon learning about history and admiring art pieces are great ways to have quality time with friends and/or family.

If you are a fashionista like me, it is the WORST when you find an outfit in the store but you cannot buy it because your wallet is running low on those $20’s and $50’s. Thankfully, some stores will provide student discounts which could result in 15% to 20% off your purchase, but don’t forget your school ID or you cannot receive the discount! The stores that promote this amazing money saving solution are H&M, J. Crew, Topshop, and Club Monaco to name just a few. Be sure to call ahead to retail stores to verify that they offer student discounts before you load the cart full of fabulous finds.

Another option to remember is to try out a local thrift shop. Plato’s Closet, for example, takes in trendy, designer styles as well as those every day basics you can’t live without and allows students to use their IDs for a student discount that results in a smaller total than before. Hallelujah!  Don’t feel embarrassed either, you can find some great vintage pieces at fabulous prices in a thrift shop, if you’re into that kind of thing.

To add to this list, I know that some of the nail salons in the Delaware County area also allow students to obtain discounts off their manicures or pedicures.

Finally, here at P.I.T there is a program called the “Dr. Hill Emergency Fund” that can provide students who have a sudden, unexpected financial need with vouchers for public transportation to get to and from school. This program assists these struggling students to remain in class and up to date with assignments, which is a priority for all students who are here to succeed. If you find yourself in just such a state of emergency, you should contact Dr. Fabrizio, Dean of Student Services.

In conclusion, I hope this has helped you when plan how to better spend your money as a college student on a budget. If you would like more information, visit the Innovation Center, hop onto a computer and dig a little deeper into when and where you can use your handy school ID!! If you still need to get your ID card, visit the P.I.T. Library and smile for the camera!

A Business Administration Degree for a Future Journalist

Morgan McLaughlinWritten by:  Morgan Mclaughlin

At this very moment, loads of high school seniors are having thoughts run around in their jam packed brains. Infused with homework, tests, projects, and social life. Well, for starters, BREATHE! It may seem all too stressful now and for some, it may take an extra year or 4 to figure out which direction you want to take. For me, it took a year and a half to finally realize what I wanted to do.

During my time off I worked at a job that was just enough for me to fulfill my “needs” (clothing, makeup, movies, or dinner with friends.) I thought to myself, “Do I want this for the rest of my life?” I couldn’t stand the thought of “just getting by.” I wanted to make something of myself. I jumped from idea to idea about what type of career I would go into, for example: a dentist, doctor, lawyer; the obvious money makers. As time flew by like a race car, I always thought “yes this will make me money, but will I be happy?” Never once did I forget about my love for fashion, though right now I may not become a designer; I discovered many other options to dive into.

Another interest I included in my musing was the fact that I absolutely and wholeheartedly am obsessed with writing. Now I didn’t want to be just a book writer (although I wouldn’t turn down that option) I wanted to stick to the fashion industry. So I started to think, why not be a journalist for a world renowned fashion magazine such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, or Cosmopolitan. I would get to go to fashion shows, interview designers and models, or interview celebrities about their upcoming albums or movies. It was all so exciting for me and deep down I felt a real connection to it all.

While searching around for what schools to apply to, I stumbled upon the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. At first I was going enroll in the Communications degree because it possessed everything that I wanted, but unfortunately that degree was put on hold due to low enrollments. However, I did choose to enter the Business Administration degree program. The reasons I choose this option were

  1. I didn’t want to be out of school for another 6 months to a year, and
  2. Having a business degree can’t hurt in my career path.

Just because I want to be a journalist, doesn’t mean I can’t obtain knowledge in the business aspect of my chosen career. Understanding the business side of journalism will open more doors for me throughout my career. Actually no matter what your path to your future job or career, having a business degree will be the icing on the cake.

I am now seven weeks into my first year here at P.I.T. and I absolutely love it! I am learning a lot, even though at times I get frustrated and sometimes don’t understand everything, I know I seriously try and with that, I do obtain great results. My instructors are superb and really make me excited for the class. In addition to my education success so far, when I heard about a position as a social media writer I was beyond ecstatic! To find the job I am going to school for at the age of 19…I was speechless! I’m so thankful and blessed that this happened for me.

So what I’m really trying to say to anyone who reads this post is that you should come check out P.I.T. You won’t regret it!

A Business Adminstration Degree Provides Many Opportunities

Written by:  Morgan Mclaughlin

tieFor those of you who are in the Business Administration degree program here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology you are in luck! The reason why I say this is because everything in this world is a business, whether it is in health care, communications, fashion, graphic design or the lemonade stand on the corner of your street. You can take any direction your heart desires. Having a Business Administration degree is a great core for building your empire and will also look amazing on your resume when applying to jobs. While doing my research on what types of jobs people gravitate towards with a Business Administration degree, I found a large quantity of the word “Management.” Let’s say you want to test out finance, this is a department that manages outgoing and incoming money for a company. Some of you may consider human resources which is a career that helps manage the hiring process, personnel training, and employee benefits.

If you are the right side of the brain kind of person, which means creative and artsy, then think about a job in the fashion or art industry. Paths you can take include managing your own or someone else’s retail store, fashion marketing (managing the types of clothing and/or accessories that will sell in the specific store), and assist or consult with a store needing to become more profitable. For the art industry, you can better manage your own art career or you can become a curator in an art gallery. A curator oversees the selection and sales of the pieces displayed in a gallery. They also plan events for clients so customers can be exposed to their new creations.

As you can see, a student who completes a degree in Business Administration will always have career options. The road you choose to take is determined by what you truly enjoy and are extremely passionate about.  The quote “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” speaks nothing but the truth. Don’t work at something you do not care for or believe you may end up regretting. Instead you should take that chance at a career that empowers you and leads you to success.

If you are interested in exploring the options that a Business Administration degree can bring you, check out the information about P.I.T.’s program and then click on the “Apply Now” button to get started on your new future.

I am a Pharmacy Technician

I worked in a pharmacy for 7 years but was not certified. I came to P.I.T. to check it out and after speaking with an admissions representative, I registered for P.I.T. in September 2013. After submitting my resume to several pharmacies, I began working in a pharmacy before I even got out of school. I have now completed my pharmacy technician certificate and I am now considering coming back for an Associate degree.

P.I.T. has done a lot for me and the teachers and staff are great.
written by:William Shipley (


Written By: Robert Hoyt

Ever since I was a young child, I have felt that it was my destiny to help people. This might sound clichéd, or that a lot of people say that, but I would like to think that there’s a difference between me and other people who have said it. My feelings haven’t changed on the matter. I’m twenty-four years old and I still feel this sense of greater purpose and destiny for helping people. I’ve only come to realize in this last year lies within the healthcare field.

Now I wish I could say that coming right out of high school, P.I.T. was an option for me. That it stood out above all else and was my first choice. As nice as it sounds, it is not the truth. The truth of the matter would be, as it would be for most people, is that my eighteen-year-old self was far different than my twenty-three-year-old self. (I was twenty-three when I started here at P.I.T.) I knew that once I graduated from high school I wanted to take some time off from school. I had just proven all my naysayers wrong: I had gotten my high school diploma. This was something that my earlier teachers had predicted wouldn’t happen. They had said that the next step would overwhelm me. They said this when I was just in elementary school. So, middle school would overwhelm me and let’s not even think about high school at that point in time. They had severely, severely underestimated me.

So with my hard earned high school diploma in hand, I decided I was going to take a little break. Some time off I believe I was entitled to. My time off turned into five years. Some odd jobs here and there, some brutal landscaping jobs during the heat of the summer weren’t cutting it for me. I was nowhere near my “destiny” of helping people. I was stuck and going nowhere. I had lost my direction. I desperately needed a turnaround. That is where P.I.T. comes in.

My aunt had graduated from the Medical Assistant program here and had suggested it to me. She knew that I wanted to help people and she said it was a good school, and affordable. Tuition cost is always something prospective college students look at and it was one of my primary fears about attending college. I didn’t want to be that much in debt. (I have since accepted the fact that anyone who wants to better themselves with an education will have some debt.) So I decided I would go and give P.I.T. a try. I made an appointment and went in to talk to someone.

In the meeting room there was a mannequin with the dark blue scrubs that are associated with Medical Assistants here at P.I.T. The thing was, though, it was on a female mannequin. Which makes sense, of course: females generally populate the healthcare field. Nurses, doctors, medical assistants, etcetera. They’re the ones that are imagined to be out in the field, not men. Not someone like me. As my admissions representative was getting some papers for me, I said to my mom and my aunt (who had come for moral support and was interested in coming back here for school) and said, “They’re going to have to change that.” I said, pointing at the female mannequin. While this doesn’t serve too important a detail in the overall story, I found motivation in it; something to strive for.

In my time here at P.I.T., I’ve found a bunch of nice, caring people who do genuinely want you to succeed. The teachers are great, too. They made the transition easy for me and I’m well into my second semester, with my third and final semester on the horizon. When it’s all said and done, P.I.T. has helped me prove my naysayers wrong again. I would like to thank everyone at P.I.T. who supports me. They’re good people, and an even better school.