Get Paid for Your Volunteer Work

Are you already a volunteer with a community service organization? Why not turn your volunteer position into a paying job? To qualify your volunteer position must meet one of the three requirements listed below.


Community Service Volunteers Can Earn Work Study Money

This may be ideal for those of you who may have your own means of transportation (or available public transportation), are employed outside of P.I.T., or have a very busy schedule where your availability is limited.

How does this work, you ask?  First and foremost, Federal Work Study positions with federal, state, or local public agencies or private nonprofit organizations must be in the public interest.  Off-campus Federal Work Study positions with private, for-profit organizations must be academically relevant to the maximum extent possible.  To qualify, your Federal Work Study position outside of P.I.T. must involve either:

  • Being employed in a community-service related position.
  • Being employed as a reading tutor for children in a reading tutoring project.
  • Performing family literacy activities in a family literacy project.

The above requirements must be fulfilled in order to qualify for a Federal Work Study position outside of the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.  Please note that this is voluntary and simply an opportunity for you to gain experience while also receiving payment via a Federal Work Study stipend ($8.50 per hour).

Should you have further questions regarding eligibility, please contact Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio, Dean of Student Services, at 610-892-1514 or  Thank you, and have a great day.