A Digital World: Why a Career in Computer Science Will Prepare You for the Future

computer science degreeAnybody who has been alive for the past decade has surely noticed the extreme, unprecedented transformations that have taken place in the technological world, and how those changes have altered society in ways that are both subtle and immense. Recent technological events manifest themselves in obvious ways: the current ubiquity of smartphones, the meteoric rise of tablet computers, the supplanting of many areas of physical media – from books and newspapers to compact discs and DVDs – by streaming media from the internet or the “cloud.” Of course, these changes are far from over.

It is impossible for anyone to accurately predict where technology is heading over the coming decades, but two things are certain:

  1. Technology will continue to evolve at a rapid rate, and
  2. New technology will continue to be computer based.

Because of these certainties, a computer science career is a way to ensure a lucrative, secure, and exciting career while also making your mark by working at the very cutting edge of technology that is continuing to change the world.

A Career in Computer Science

To some, the term “computer science” might sound kind of restrictive; however the range of applications of computer science is actually very expansive and encompasses a wide range of job options. Essentially, any organization that relies on computer technology needs people with extensive computer science expertise in order to keep their operations running well. The types of organizations include financial institutions, medical facilities, large corporations of all types, and of course, tech-oriented companies including computer, software, and video game developers.

The Importance of a Computer Science Degree

Because people with this knowledge and capability are so important to these companies, both placement and starting salaries for graduates with computer science degrees are excellent in comparison with other degrees and in general.

For those interested in a degree that will bring with it that rare balance of wide choice of jobs – both in field and geography – as well as a starting salary that is more than comfortable, a computer science degree is an ideal choice. The skill set that students acquire while earning this degree is so valuable to companies that job security and satisfying computer science career advancements are also likely.

Staying at the Cutting Edge

Of course, there is more to a career choice than just income and advancement potential. While these things are important, a lack of job satisfaction can often deflate the potential fulfillment of even a high-paying job. With a computer science degree, there is not only a vast choice of career possibilities, but the prospective role that somebody with these skills has to play at any given organization is invariably important. In many cases, a computer science degree is just the beginning of a computer science career that will not only be lucrative but also exciting in myriad ways as those in the computer field continue to discover and create ways to evolve and influence the technological universe and the way the world operates.

The Computer Science program at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is a great place to get started on your career in this field. Additional information on the program is available at our website.