Start Your Career at a Two Year College

PIT Center City Philadelphia

Consider these questions:

  • Have you always wanted to continue your education beyond your GED or high school diploma?
  • Are you looking for a complete career change?
  • Are you seeking a vocation-focused degree or certificate program to help launch your career as soon as possible?

If any of these situations apply to you, enrolling in a two-year college can help you accomplish your goal. It’s also very important to choose just the right college. While there are many online and traditional brick and mortar colleges from which to choose, there are many good reasons to start your career at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (P.I.T.), an independent, not-for-profit, accredited college with over 60 years of experience.

Develop New Skills for Employment

Within just two to four semesters of concentrated coursework at P.I.T., you’ll have acquired brand new skills that will immediately help you land an entry-level position in your field or make you eligible for a promotion at your current job. Every class you take will provide significant support to your career choice. Yes, you will take some general English, math, science courses, but virtually every career requires some basic knowledge in those areas. You will also have the opportunity to begin taking some courses within your chosen field during your first or second semester.

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Experience Hands-On Training

While learning the fundamentals or theory of an industry or field through classroom work is necessary, the best way to experience and internalize what you are learning in the classroom environment is often through hands-on training. P.I.T offers real-world experience at the onset of your program of study and that provides you with hands-on experience in a real-world environment. By attending a college that has fostered collaborative relationships with businesses and organizations in the community, you have a chance to obtain the skills that will assist you to secure your first job or a promotion. Career-related experience gained while pursuing your certificate or degree will position you ahead of other job applicants.

Supportive Staff for Struggling (and Succeeding) Students

Some colleges have a “weeding out” process — students who are struggling to do well early in their college experience may be asked to withdraw. At P.I.T., you’ll find the opposite holds true. P.I.T. is the college that empowers students to succeed. Our goal is to help you become a success throughout your studies toward your chosen career. We’re able to offer:

  • Smaller classes; lower student to faculty ratio enables more time with instructors
  • FREE tutoring services for all students — supplemental, individualized help with topics or areas of concern
  • Personal Academic Support & Financial Literacy Counselor for each student
  • Three open computer lab areas: Library, Student Innovation Center, and Student Resource Center

Increased Opportunities for Employment

By enrolling in the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, you’ll be attending a school that has over 60 years of experience in initiating, developing, and maintaining collaborative relationships with area businesses. These crucial relationships not only enable you to garner hands-on experience in real-world settings as your pursue your field of study, but they also open doors for employment once you’ve completed your degree or certificate.

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From developing new skills for your career and being exposed to more companies hiring in your field to garnering hands-on experience and being supported during your studies, there are many practical and smart reasons to start your career at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.