Spring Cleaning at P.I.T. (Planet Aid Bins)

Pile Of ClothesAfter the winter we have endured, we are all excited to be outdoors and breathing the pollen-filled air!  However, this is also the time of year when we realize our closets are bulging with old clothes and shoes, and we need to make room for our spring and summer clothes.


P.I.T. is making it easier for you to organize your closets.  After you bag up your old clothes and shoes, you can bring them directly to the P.I.T. Media campus or the P.I.T. Center City location, which are hosting Planet Aid donation bins.


Who is Planet Aid? 

Planet Aid supports programs that help people in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  Clothing and shoe donations are recycled to help orphaned children, improve educational opportunities, and improve healthcare.  In our global economy, this type of assistance can change the lives of thousands of children who otherwise would not have the opportunities that these donations provide.


What Can You Donate?

Planet Aid only accepts donations of clothes and shoes.  This means that the ugly sweater that grandma gave you is perfect, but you should NOT donate the hundreds of Beanie Babies you have hidden under your bed.


Where Can You Donate?

The Planet Aid donation bins are located at the Media Campus in the P.I.T. Stop Café and at the Center City location in the cafeteria.


Why Should I Donate?

There are a dozen good reasons to donate your old clothes, but one of the most important is that you are recycling something instead of adding to the giant garbage dumps in this country.  Aside from being a tax deductible donation, these donation bins also offer a terrific way to make room in your closet (so you can go shopping), but you will also be helping someone who desperately needs assistance.  It literally costs you nothing, while giving you a tax break and a warm fuzzy feeling that someone on this Earth has benefited from your generosity.