Empowering Students

group of student studying together

In today’s economy, we understand that college students feel overwhelmed. Rising tuition costs, an unstable job market, and uncertainty about the direction to take in a career are all reasons why it is important to make good decisions. They are also excellent reasons to select the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology as the place you go to obtain an education. P.I.T. provides what you need to learn the skills, obtain the training, and gain the appropriate credentials that will assist you in finding a rewarding career.

Students are empowered when they are in control, given constructive feedback, and able to make their own decisions. P.I.T. is “the College that empowers students to succeed” and we truly take that mission to heart. We want our students to succeed.

  • Faculty and staff are available to assist students in making not just good decisions, but the right decision for their circumstances.
  • Every P.I.T. student is assigned their own Academic Advisor who understands the intricacies of their chosen career.
  • Every P.I.T. student is assigned their own Academic Support, Financial Literacy, and Transfer Counselor who is available to assist the student with all of their non-academic concerns, issues, and problems.
  • P.I.T.’s Librarian is available (in person, through the Ask-a-Librarian page, by email, by phone, and by fax) to assist every student with their individual research needs. The P.I.T. Library also provides 20 computers for student use as well as open study areas.
  • Free tutoring services are available through the Student Resource Center and additional computers are also available there.
  • The newly created Innovation Center, located on the Mezzanine, provides a great space for group projects and study. It also provides some additional computers for student use.
  • If needed, P.I.T’s Assistant Deans of Academic Affairs, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Dean of Student Services are available to counsel and assist students
  • Job Placement Services assist students in fine tuning their cover letters and resumes, and in finding and responding to job openings.
  • Students can’t learn if they aren’t properly nourished. You can stop by the P.I.T. Stop Café for breakfast and lunch at very affordable prices. Check the website for the specials and the regular menu.

All of the faculty and staff members are available to assist P.I.T. students through their college career and as they move into the workforce.

P.I.T.’s programs of study take two years or less to complete and are in high demand fields. P.I.T. graduates work in thriving industries that are relevant to the economy, continually growing, and in need of skilled workers.

Students are also empowered to succeed through courses that are interactive and engaging. P.I.T.’s instructors are experienced in the subjects they teach. Many of the instructors have, and still do, work in their chosen field. Teaching is their opportunity to give back and to support the future of their professions. They work one-on-one with students and provide feedback on their work. Field appropriate technology is used as a normal part of the coursework so that students have the opportunity to be exposed to it in the classroom BEFORE they participate in an internship, externship, or co-op situation. Students receive training, knowledge, and experience for the real working world environment by learning about information and material that is relevant to the workplace.

Tuition at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is more affordable than at many four-year colleges. Along with the traditional financial aid, P.I.T. also has a number of scholarships available to assist students in need. Students can attend P.I.T. full or part-time, balancing school with work, family, and other commitments. If P.I.T. cannot provide the exact support service that a student needs, staff members will assist students in making contact with a community support service.

P.I.T. provides students with the opportunity, education, and training to get on the right track to a terrific career. People can become empowered learning about fields they enjoy, getting the instruction they need, as well as the knowledge that works and gets results. This is the ideal college for those that know what they want to study and want to start working in a job that makes them proud.  P.I.T. graduates have gone on to work for companies like Comcast, PENNDOT, and University of Pennsylvania Health System.

P.I.T. is also a great college for someone who isn’t quite sure of what they want to study. You can start out in the General Studies degree program and then transfer those courses into a different program at P.I.T. or complete the degree and transfer your courses to a four-year college. P.I.T. graduates have transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University, and Immaculata University among many others.

P.I.T.’s mission is “Student Success” and we focus on ensuring that our students are empowered and achieve their goals.

For more information about all the programs that P.I.T. has to offer, click here.