ABCs of the P.I.T. Library

    Welcome, or welcome back! You’ve survived placement testing, financial aid, registration, orientation, figuring out your commute, and possibly your first day of class. So, now what? Well, a good place to start is the Library. The Library is the place to be to study for classes, do your research, use a computer, and get the assistance you need to do all those things. The Library can also offer you options for your down time

   If you’re new around these parts, here are a few pointers to get you oriented:

  • If  you haven’t seen it yet, the P.I.T. Library is located in the former chapel…stained glass windows and all. It is a beautiful and inspiring place to study or do research.
  • The P.I.T. Library is located on the Media campus, adjacent to the Admissions Office. Turn left into the hallway just past the receptionist and the follow the ← arrow sign.
  • If you are a Media student, the Library is where you come to get your photo      ID card which also serves as your Library card.
  • Center City (CC) students are welcome to travel to the Media campus to use the Library (remember to bring your ID card with you).
  • ALL students have access to all of the Library’s electronic resources from our Online Library webpage from any computer on campus. For off-campus access, you need to pick up a copy of the passwords in the Library, the CC Student Resource Center, or contact the Librarian for a copy.
  • While we don’t maintain total silence in the Library, we do ask that you be      considerate of the other users and keep your conversations low. Our beautiful high ceiling does cause sounds to carry throughout the Library.
  • Media Students: If you and your friends want a place where you can talk about your project with less concern about disturbing other students, visit the Student Innovation Center located on the Mezzanine level of the Technology Center.
  • Want to take home books or DVDs? See the Librarian to check them out with your P.I.T. ID card.

   Still confused? The Librarian is available to assist by phone, e-form, email, or fax — or just stop on by the Library to speak to the Librarian. Can’t wait to meet you!