Tips For a Successful Semester

It’s the start of another semester – a new beginning for some and a return to the routine for others. But the new semester offers the chance to do your best. Here are some of my personal tips on how to excel this semester.

  • To be the most successful during your school days, it is always a great idea to not only get involved but also become a leader in school groups and activities. With all the fun you’re having with fellow classmates and faculty, you’ll forget you’re actually making yourself look great for future jobs and Hiring Managers once you put down your involvement on your resume.

    On top of conversing with others and making friends you will be networking – gaining connections which will help you BIG TIME when you’re out looking for a job.


  • The next thing that is certainly helpful is to SAVE YOUR WORK! For those of you who have typed 5 page essays, remember that feeling when you look for it again and – poof, it’s gone, nowhere to found in your documents? It is a horrible situation, and you probably want to curl up in a ball and cry after you’ve thrown your books at the wall. Get your hands on a flash drive and upload your documents, then use it as your default place to save your work. It will be a life saver, trust me.  Another good method is to copy all of your work and then paste it in an email to yourself. Send it and it’s there for you if your other saved work goes M.I.A.!note taking


  • Another helpful tip is to begin to think about how you’re going to take your notes and pay attention in your classes. I always sat in the back in high school and it didn’t do me any good. Once I started here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, I decided to sit in the front. Up front I learn the most information since I am more focused and not distracted by what others are doing, the birds outside the window, my phone, or anything else.


  • Lastly, remember to always keep your grades in check. Maintain your good GPA and you won’t have to worry later about getting them up and maybe passing your classes. Start out strong and maintain that pace, but don’t set standards that are impossible for you to achieve. Stress is no good for us college kids — well, it isn’t good for anyone. Once I start to stress, I forget about things and my grades begin to sink as if they were standing on quicksand! It’s definitely not something I would recommend. Keep your assignments and studying on track and you should avoid this.

Overall, if you are determined to do well and take care to follow these tips, stay positive, and minimize your stress, your school year should be a success