Holiday Gift Idea

I hope you are all on the Nice List this year because Christmas is creeping up on us! If you’re like me and have a hard time trying to find a perfect gift for your honey and family, it makes you go crazy, and then eat all the holiday cookies. I have found some gift ideas and I am still searching for more to help you guys to give the perfect gift this shopping

Gift Ideas for Mother: 

  • Bath set: Choose a fragrance she loves, or if you’re not sure my suggestion would be lilac –  it smells amazing, and it is also to be said that the smell of lilacs will help you unwind.
  • “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”: If you are well equipped in the money department, consider buying your mom a necklace specifically for her. For example; a personalized wax seal is great if your mom still writes letters; a “mom” charm for her bracelet; a toggle necklace or an engraved pendant with your name on it from Things Remembered.
  • DIY: Do it yourself! Create an original piece for her to express how thankful you are and how much you appreciate her. Check out Michaels Arts and Crafts or AC Moore for fun and glittery items to use
  • What does she need?: Snoop around the house to see if she may be in need of a particular item: hand soap with a scented lotion to match,  new shoes, a blanket, or a scarf.
  • Gift Card: Check out her favorite store and grab her a gift card for something easy!

Gift Ideas for Father:

  • Cologne: Figure out what his favorite brand is – or introduce him to something new – and snag it next time you’re out shopping
  • Tools: If your dad is handy man, no harm in upgrading his tool belt! Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Sears are full of ideas.
  • Brews: Buy a 6 pack of his favorite beer and maybe throw in his favorite movie as well!
  • Gift Card: Men are already so hard to shop for, so stop by his favorite shop and grab him a gift card – i.e. Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Footlocker, or Macys

Gift Ideas for Brother and Sister:

Some of the mother and father gifts could be used for your siblings, but if you don’t want to gift repeat then really think about what they enjoy:

  • Clothes
  • Video games
  • Makeup kits
  • Sports gear
  • Toys (if they are younger)

Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other: 

  • Sentimental: Personalize a necklace or watch with your anniversary dates
  • Unexpected: So it may be a little pricey at times for certain items that they wouldn’t expect getting, but it’s your special person and aren’t they worth it?!
  • Wish Fulfillment: Chances are they have dropped hints here and there now that the Christmas season is coming up. Pick up what they’re putting down, and you should have no problems!
  • Personal Touch: Make a coupon book and include things like “free back rub”, “dinner and a movie of your choice”, “breakfast in bed.” I’m sure they will enjoy the personal touch much more than something you just picked up in desperation to give them something all wrapped up.

Even though the best thing to give is your love during this holiday season, I hope this has helped you out. I’ll keep looking around for some new and different ideas, but these are great starters or back up plans if you can’t seem to find anything!