Messy Monday Morning!

Last week I couldn’t make it to school, so I emailed my teacher the tests that were due. I wanted them to be in on time and present, even if I wasn’t. Throughout that day and the rest of the week I was thinking all my assignments were handed in and that I was good to go for my classes.

Well, I was wrong!

tired-stressed-graduate-f-011I checked my email last night just because, and low and behold I had an email from my teacher saying he couldn’t find any of my test that I handed in. I didn’t panic at that point because I knew I sent them.  So today I opened up my email and printed out the first test. When I went to go print out the second one, I couldn’t find it either! This is when I started to panic. I’ll be honest: the day I sent it, I did it last minute.  But it was completed, that I know for sure.

Anyway, I was freaking out, trying to get my boyfriend’s computer to work, because the internet was being so slow, and I had about 3 minutes – no exaggeration – before the paper was due. Boy, was I rushing and freaking out.

The fact that I am completely sure I did hand in my work makes me frustrated. Because now that it’s not in my email that I sent to my teacher, I am afraid he will think I was lying about handing it in, which I would never do! I can’t believe this just happened! I guess I’ll try to explain it to him in class and see if he’ll let me hand it in when I get home. Fingers crossed!