My Life at PIT: Procrastination

Sadly, I am one who procrastinates. About a month ago I was given 3 papers that are due this week — the week of finals. So of course I waited until the last minute to do them. I actually have one due tomorrow and I think I have about 3 sentences done. Yikes! The other 2 papers are done, thank goodness.procrastination

The only reason why I wait so long? I used to have everything done on time. Then, the night before certain things were due, I would freak out trying to figure out if I did it or not, even scrambling around the house trying to find it. So now I say to myself, “Save yourself the aggravation and torture, and just wait like a week or two before it’s due. Five page papers aren’t hard to do…”

Well I was wrong. The one paper I have to do is on such a broad topic —  and not very clear I might add –  that I’m struggling to figure out what to write about for it. Thankfully, my internet was turned back on so now I have all night to figure it out. These next 2 days I’m not too worried about my sleep. Hey, I’ll get all the sleep I need when it’s all over. A nice long rest will help me relax for this winter break! I am jam-packed with working at school, studying for finals, and getting these papers done. I’m surprised my head hasn’t fallen off yet!

Eventually, maybe, possibly… I’ll learn to not procrastinate, and not to let myself freak out about it, but that’s a part of life I guess. I have to learn and grow at some point!