The Burden of Responsibility


This week I have the opportunity to watch 5 dogs. Yes you heard me correctly: five.

 My sister, her boyfriend, and his family are all on an amazing vacation in Mexico! How lucky are they?! Anyway, I was offered the chance to watch their dogs while they were away, and I was super pumped because I absolutely adore animals. But let’s be honest; I definitely did not prepare very well for it.

 I jumped right to saying yes the day I was asked and from that point on I never even put thought into it. Not until I was there, with these dogs, who were suddenly all my responsibility. And although the dogs are super easy to take care of, my anxiety flies through the roof because I always feel like I forgot something, whether I mistakenly left one outside or forgot to give medicine to the one with allergies. It’s a huge responsibility. And I don’t mind, so much as I just didn’t know how stressful it could be. These dogs are the center of their owners’ life! With 5 of them, I’m a little bit in over my head.

 Nevertheless, I know I can do it; it will just take some getting used to. And let’s face it: the most difficult part isn’t taking care of the dogs – playing with them, walking them, feeding them — it’s pretty basic stuff. The worst part is really the fact that I can’t sleep in my own bed with my big fluffy comfortable blankets; that’s probably the most difficult part of it all.