Plot Twist: Valentines Day – not just for couples?

Funny-Valentines-Day-Quotes-For-SinglesIf you are aware of your days and months – which I hope you all are – then you know that it’s February and only a few days left till Valentine’s Day.

Even though I am in a relationship, I definitely do not forget the “lonely” v-days and how I felt as if I were the only single girl out there! I know how silly it sounds now, but there are those who still wish they had that special someone to share it with.

To all the single guys and gals out there, no need to sweat it. Just because you see posts on Instagram and Twitter of lovey-dovey couples doesn’t mean you need to soak in your sobbing tears or build yourself up with anger. Doing those things will only affect you in the worst way possible. Instead, try making a girls’ night out of it. Instruct your single girl friends on what to bring such as popcorn, comedy and/or horror movies, a bottle of wine, board games, facial and nail kits etc… For the boys, simply invite your buddies over and telling them to bring some beer, video games, and snacks (enough to feed 10 even if there’s only 4 of you!) -For those who would prefer the company of both a male or female presence during this heart-shaped holiday, try something new like gathering a group of your single girl and guy friends and creating a scavenger hunt throughout the town

In all honesty, there is no need to sulk and become miserable on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to flowers, a card, heck even buy yourself that box of chocolate covered strawberries, who cares! As long as you are reminding yourself you don’t need anyone to make you happy or complete, and that you are just as amazing single as you would be in a relationship. Bottom line is, never forget you, regardless of what holiday it is.