College Didn’t Just Teach Me Math Skills

Since starting school here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, I’ve learned a lot about myself. The main thing I’ve learned – in just the past couple weeks – is that I for sure want to be a journalist, whether it’s for a magazine, newspaper, or a broadcast journalist. Writing is what puts my mind at ease and I do truly enjoy it, so why couldn’t I figure that out to begin with?

That’s the second thing I’ve learned: I make situations harder on myself then they actually are. I guess you could call me a curious and complicated cat. Another aspect about myself I figured out was that I am smarter than I thought. I mean I’m an honor student – can I get a HALLELUJAH?! I was so proud of myself when I received that letter in the mail – even more excited than I get when I find my pay check laying in that cold black box outside my door!journalist

College isn’t just a time to study and set yourself up for a career; to me it’s more than that. It’s a time when you really find out who you are, what your limits are, and who you want to become, and to me that’s pretty important. Long nights cramming and studying for weeks make you think a lot about how far you’re willing to take yourself for what you really want.

You also have to be willing to put yourself out there to meet new people because that’s a huge part of life. It’s especially true if you need to make connections with people that will, in turn, get you into the job that you want or even place you right in the position you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe it’s just me, but this is how I feel about college. You may have a different opinion, which is perfectly fine. Just make sure you are making the best out of your experience and enjoying every second of it.