Participate, participate, participate!


As you can already tell by reading this title, this post is all about participation!

During my high school years I was very shy when it came to speaking in front of my classmates. Even to this day I get a little timid, but now that I have pretty much grown out of my nervous shell, my hand is the first one to go up when a teacher asks a question or if I need help with a problem. The reason why participation is super important is because if you just sit there and “listen”- and we all know that you’re just pretending to listen while your mind has wandered off topic completely- chances are you’re not going to remember a thing when you step out of that class room. Not even whatever you ended up thinking about while you had your “I’m paying attention” face on. Believe me, my entire high school career I was anxious not to say a peep and it definitely showed in my overall GPA year after year.

So next time you want to answer the questions your teacher is asking you, raise that hand up, girl! (Or boy) Try to remember that if you’re stuck on a problem or a chapter don’t be afraid to ask questions. Doing these things will only help you and will reflect on your next test or paper. And if you’re still struggling, go see a tutor. It’s free, it’s easy to participate in, and you’ll definitely see THAT reflected in your GPA.