More money, more problems

The past couple months I have been doing a great job at saving the money I’ve earned here at work, but one day last week someone flipped the switch of my savings mode to shopping mode. I went mad. I tried to make that excuse of “well, summer is coming” but in reality, I’m about 3 months early till the summer time rolls around. I really just wanted to buy new things.spening savings

I wish I could go back to the time where I would have NEVER spent my money, unless I desperately needed to. It’s difficult for a fashion lover like myself to see the spring time clothing starting to show its  fun, flirty and frilly self on the racks and I know I can’t avoid those polka dot bikinis and new gladiator sandals either. Even writing about it makes me beyond ecstatic for that summer sun, midnight fun, and everything in between.

I’m getting off-topic here, let’s get back on track. With more paychecks entering my account, I need to restrain myself or else I’ll be broke. The more money I have, the harder it is not to spend it. The last thing I want is to be in the negatives again – yup, that’s happened. *sigh* Maybe I need to do is start putting money into my savings account, that way I’ll feel as if its 10,000% off limits – technically it is, I mean they don’t calling it your savings account for nothing.

It’s sad to think that I’m a couple days away from turning 20 years old and I can’t even save my money. Practice makes perfect, so if you or someone you know has any helpful tips to saving or budgeting money, I would love to hear it. The more the merrier!