My Life at PIT by Abimbola

Abimbola OlatonaWritten by: Abimbola Olatona (

I choose Pennsylvania Institute of Technology [P.I.T.] because I became inspired by a friend who graduated from the Practical Nursing program at P.I.T., and through the encouragement of love ones that believed in me. Feeling that I have the potential to become great in life gave me the courage to register in P.I.T.’s Allied Health Practical Nursing program. My goal is to become a practical nurse. I knew furthering my education as a full-time worker and a mother of three little children was going to be very challenging. It was a long night for me before the morning of my first day at school. I couldn’t sleep most of the night; however, I was excited in looking forward to achieve what the day had in store for me. I had to start the day by getting the children ready for school and dropping them off at their schools before coming back home to prepare myself for my school day. My first day at P.I.T. as a student was a happy moment in my life. I felt fulfilled and encouraged with the warmness of the class atmosphere. My first class was English 110, and the teacher was very warm and welcoming with an assuring look on her face that she will be there to help us achieve our goals. We were asked to introduce ourselves to one another after our teacher formally introduced herself to the class. Before the class ended that day we all are comfortable and felt very familiar with one another. Some students exchanged contacts and bonded relationships. Despite all of the stress and challenges in combining work, family and academics, I still try as much as possible to spend time with my family. I leave school around 1.00 pm every school day to pick up my children and then come home to do chores. I get back home by 3.30pm to cook dinner. After that, I study and complete my school work. Sometimes I finish late at night just to make sure everything is set for the following day. I will be focusing my energy into studying and being successful for my future and be happy to face these challenges because I believe it is for a better future.