The right mix of opportunities for pharmacy tech students

By Jennifer NelsonPIT PT Opportunities

If helping mix dosages, measuring prescriptions, communicating with physicians to ensure safety standards and educating patients about treatments seems intriguing, a pharmacy technician degree may be right for you.

A school with comprehensive resources can make the process of becoming a pharmacy technician easier and prepare you for a rewarding career.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology has a great record of helping graduates find work as pharmacy technicians and proceed to four-year schools. PIT’s certificate program includes courses in communications, biology, chemistry, mathematics and humanities. But PIT also considers the whole student, not just the technical aspects of a job. The school helps students acquire softer skills and a solid understanding of the work environment.

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand and that is likely to continue as the population ages. Major pharmacy chains are adding stores and community drug stores, hospitals and even pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves are looking for skilled technicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that pharmacy technician jobs are expected to grow by more than 20 percent through 2022.

The middle 50 percent of professionals in the field earn between $24,320 and $35,810 per year, but with the right opportunities, there is room for career growth

PIT can help you map out a study plan that will give you the right skills for a job while also meeting individual scheduling needs. Many pharmacy tech students are embarking on second careers and returning to school. They must balance work, and sometimes family, responsibilities.


Do you have the right skills?

PIT can help you decide if you should go into the workforce immediately, or if you have the right qualities and skills to pursue a BA. The credits you earn at PIT are transferable, enabling you to earn your higher degree.


What will you learn at PIT?

PIT provides you with the knowledge to assign dosages, calculate and mix medications, fill and label prescriptions, compound drugs and prepare IV solutions. The PIT program also teaches how to track and manage patient healthcare prescription histories, drug inventory, and ordering from pharmaceutical manufacturers. You’ll work side by side with a pharmacist educating patients and providing health services.

A desire to inform patients about medication safety and usage, enjoyment in working with the public and a strong attention to detail are important qualities for success in the field.

What’s more, PIT prepares students for internships and externships – short assignments in the field via the school’s unique parallel learning method. In parallel learning, students can fast track their degree by acquiring skills and degree classes at the same time, as well providing flexible schedules and experienced instructors who have working knowledge.

The school also provides academic advisors, job services and a range of other resources. All of the above has placed PIT at the forefront of pharmacy technician programs.