Technology School Has Advantages Over College or University Studies

For many, getting a degree from a technology institute is better than a college degree because a degree from a college is not as specialized. Many college degrees do not provide the student with the specific training necessary or job skills that are most desirable to potential employers.

A Traditional College Degree is Very Expensive
CollegeData reports that the cost of attending a public state college for each year is $23,410. For a private university, the cost for each year is $46,272. This means a degree after attending four years at a state college is $93,640 and at a private university is $185,088. Only 40% of students receive a degree after attending school for four years. Many go to college or university for six years or longer.

The Wall Street Journal says the student loan debt averages $35,000 for each student. More than 70% of students have student debt when they leave school. The debt for college students that take a long time to finish school is greater. There is also the higher cost of student loan interest paid over a twenty-year loan period.

Tech Schools Have Two-Year Programs
Students at tech schools get student loans also, but many tech degree programs are only two years long. Most students finish in two years, and then get a job right after leaving school. This means less time studying at college and more time earning money from a good job.

When comparing the high cost of a traditional college degree and the earning potential of jobs available, many students choose to train and get a degree certification from a technical institute instead.

Job Availability for Tech School Graduates is Better
Bloomberg says that many with college degrees have difficulty finding a job. They are either unemployed or work in an under-employed fashion in a job that does not require a college degree.

The opposite is true for those with technology degree certificates. Many good jobs are available for those who graduate from a technology institute. For example, those that get a degree certification for health care jobs find many good jobs available in health care management in Philadelphia.

It is important for students to consider all the future possibilities when deciding to enter college, university, or to attend a technology institute. Jobs in the skilled trades are in high demand. However, simply having a college degree does not necessarily qualify a person for those jobs. Employers want to see entry-level applicants with the training in specific jobs skills that make them a valued potential employee.


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