3 Jobs That Can Be Obtained With a Computer Science Degree

With technology becoming increasingly intertwined in our everyday lives, there is a growing need for graduates with a computer science degree in Media. In fact, this position is more in demand than ever and offers a fairly high salary on average — and many individuals in this field easily earn a median-mid career salary of over $75,000 annually. Having this type of degree makes graduates eligible for a variety of jobs, and here are three of the most common.

1) Software Developer

These individuals  design and/or customize computer software and are the ones responsible for writing programs. This career was ranked as number two on the best jobs of 2012 by U.S. News & Word Report and was also cited as have a strong potential salary. It was also reported that most software developers enjoy a high level of job satisfaction. By all accounts, this is a stable field to get into, and there’s likely to be a large demand for software developers for the foreseeable future.

2) Software Security Engineer

As more and more data is stored electronically and data breaches become more common, it’s created the need for increased safety. A software security engineer is responsible for analyzing software and performing tests to ensure the highest level of security possible. Some specific job duties include implementing security protocol, reviewing code, checking for vulnerabilities and developing new tools to maximize software security. This career also appears to have a promising outlook and comes with a fairly high starting salary.   

3) Computer Support Specialist

Understanding how to use computers, software and apps is almost a necessity in this day and age. As a result, there’s a relatively high demand for computer support specialists who assist computer and mobile users and help them resolve tech related issues. This may include explaining how to utilize certain software features, troubleshooting glitches and fixing computer bugs. These individuals may help computer users remotely via telephone, email or online messenger —  or they may provide assistance in person where they come to the user’s home or business. While a computer support specialists doesn’t typically earn as much as the previously listed careers, it can still be fairly lucrative and should remain stable for years to come.    

Computer science in Media can an exciting and rewarding field to get into. It also has a favorable outlook, and graduates can expect to make solid living with this type of degree. 

computer science Media

computer science Media