Opportunities Available for Graduates with a Computer Science Major

A Philadelphia resident who is looking for steady work with a good salary will find that a computer science major is a good idea. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that IT jobs are expected to grow by 22% up to the year 2022. The jobs in this field that are expected to experience the fastest growth rate include software developers, database administers and IT managers.

Another advantage of going for a computer science major is the fact that there are so many varied job opportunities to pick from in this field. Following are just some of the many employment options that one can opt to pursue upon graduation.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers specialize in working with computer components such as the motherboard, battery, wiring, etc. Individuals in this field create and design the components that are used in today’s computers, laptops, tablets and other devices.

Computer Systems Analyst

Many companies hire a computer systems analyst to regularly assess the company’s computer systems and make recommendations as to what type of hardware and software to use. Those in this field should not only be familiar with the computers and software programs available for the company in question but must also have good communication skills in order to work with management and lower-level employees.

Website Developer

A website developer should not be confused with a website designer. While a designer ensures that a website looks good and is optimized for search engines, the developer handles important tasks such as ensuring the site runs quickly, has sufficient storage space and is properly configured.  A website developer also ensures that a website looks good no matter what search engine it is viewed with.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is tasked with creating new programs and there are various specializations in this field. While some programmers focus on creating new computer games, others may create new Point of Sale systems or database programs. Computer programmers also fix bugs in existing programs and modify and/or update these programs as needed.

Working in a computer related field can be exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The pay is also good, although exact salary earned will depend on the job, industry and geographical location, among other factors. There are plenty of fields to choose from, enabling one to pick the line of work that best suits his or her needs, talents and aspirations.

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