Careers That Require a Computer Science Degree

Anybody with an interest in computers, smartphones and how they work will appreciate exploring the world of computer science. A major in computer science examines the different technical processes behind the operations of the electronics that are integral to modern society.

Someone who receives a degree in computer science will be prepared to embark on numerous careers based on their personal interests and passions. Anyone who fines the following careers appealing will benefit from pursuing a computer science degree.

Common Careers that Require Computer Science

A computer science major in Media will explore careers of all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most popular and common careers that require computer science:

  • Computer Systems Analyst. This professional is responsible for understanding data processing problems in an effort to improve systems. Some analysts also modify software to suit an organization’s needs. Companies in almost every industry require some computer systems analyst.
  • Software Application Developer. While this field has been around since the early days of computing, the relatively new market of mobile app development has re-invigorated this field. Common responsibilities for a software developer is creation or modification of an application. Many developers also evaluate software to ensure it will satisfied the needs of an organization.
  • Network Administrator. Networks are required for the modern world to operate efficiently. This creates a persistent need for network administrators who are skilled at supporting and upgrading an internal network. This role is becoming increasingly important as network speed and efficiency is beginning to create a serious competitive advantage in many industries.
  • Software Quality Assurance Specialist. This type of computer scientist tests software for any bugs or opportunities for efficiency improvement. Some quality assurance engineers work with software development companies to test products before deployment. Others work for all types of organizations to test software to determine if it will work for the company.
  • Web Developer. Those who develop web sites and content are able to explore a variety of career options. Some start their own web development firms, while others find gainful employment with other companies. The field of web development changes rapidly, calling for ongoing education.

Each of the above careers is anticipated to continue to grow as our society expands its technological capabilities. Anyone who receives a computer science major has multiple opportunities open up to them.

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