3 Hot Careers for Graduates with a Computer Science Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information technology field is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. As a result, those with a computer science degree in Media are poised to take a position as pace setters across various industries. Continue reading to learn about five of the hottest careers for graduates with a computer science degree in Media.

Systems Engineer or Systems Analyst

This career is also known as a Computer Systems Analyst. In this role, the professional typically will:

  • Review an organization’s procedures and computer systems;
  • Communicate with vendors, partners, programmers and analysts;
  • Suggest recommendations to improve processes;
  • Oversee the installation an upgrading of computer systems .

Even though a computer science degree is technical, this role is more analytical and has a major focus on the business aspects of technology. Some of the most common roles include analyzing the costs of changing systems and projecting process timelines as well as the impact it will potentially have on employees. Systems Engineers interact regularly with different department managers and incorporate the feedback gathered into documentation for internal users. These professionals also advise their team, developers, and programmers on the best practices for using the technology.

Customer Relationship Management Business Analyst

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analyst is a significantly less technical role, which may even require a masters in business or marketing. This position also requires a professional with a strong background in statistics. However, it does require someone with specific technical knowledge, such as CRM experience and database mining. The most common responsibilities of a CRM manager are to review customer relationship data, suggest strategy changes to increase customer loyalty, help the organization define procedures based on the information in the CRM, and create new internal procedures. Most of the work done by a CRM Analyst will be used in the marketing, sales, and support departments. In the most simple sense, CRM Analysts serve as the liaison between the IT department and sales and marketing teams.

E-Commerce Analyst

An E-Commerce Analyst is responsible for analyzing customer data gathered from e-commerce data bases to spot trends or behavioral patterns. These professionals may also be responsible for setting up or configuring dashboards or reporting interfaces for simplified access to data. These business analysts also create profiles for customers, so the organization can target their marketing and advertising efforts to increase effectiveness. The educational background for an E-Commerce Business Analyst can range from individuals with a Computer Science degree in Media to those who specialize in statistics, finance, communications, and marketing. While most employers require a bachelor’s degree, some management positions do require a master’s degree.

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