Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities And Pharmacy Services

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are often pictured as working at drugstores or in hospitals, but there are a variety of other settings that also require their services. Those who study pharmacy tech in Philadelphia are encouraged to look into geriatrics, a field that is increasingly relying on the expertise of pharmacy technicians. Many pharmacy tech employees provide much-needed assistance in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. These jobs can be challenging, but they are also deeply rewarding.


In-House Versus Consultants

Pharmacy tech jobs involving nursing homes vary greatly depending on the role of the pharmacy at a given facility. Many long-term care facilities and nursing home complexes have in-house pharmacies staffed by those with a passion for keeping residents as healthy and happy as possible. Other facilities do not have the means to maintain in-house pharmacies, and, instead, employ consultant pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. These employees travel from one nursing home to the next. Consultant pharmacy workers often appreciate the flexibility of this type of position, but may not be as enthusiastic about the lack of stability, or, in some cases, the constant traveling. An increasing number of future nursing home pharmacy tech jobs may be based onsite in the future; as the population continues to age, there is a greater need for large assisted living complexes with efficient in-house pharmacies.


Ongoing Relationships With Patients

Pharmacy technicians working at long-term care facilities often build stronger relationships with their patients than their hospital and drugstore-based counterparts. While pharmacy tech employees in traditional settings may see patients only rarely, those working at nursing homes and assisted living facilities encounter the same patients on a regular basis. This is a definite advantage for those who thrive on connecting with others. Some pharmacy technicians, however, prefer limited interactions with patients, and as such, may not be suited to work in long-term care facilities. Additionally, aspiring pharmacy technicians thinking of working in nursing homes should keep in mind that they will communicate directly with other medical professionals on a regular basis. As such, the ability to build strong relationships with both clients and fellow health care workers is essential.

Pharmacy is a very rewarding field that allows technicians to have a positive impact on numerous patients. This impact is especially profound in the nursing home setting, making it an excellent work environment for passionate pharmacy technicians.



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