Hot New Career Path for 2014: Mobile App Development

Software development has taken on a large role in the mobile world as more applications become available for smartphones, tablet devices, and laptop computers. It is predicted that by 2015, mobile app develop initiatives will outnumber PC application initiatives by 4 to 1. As there was a 100 percent increase in job postings for mobile app developers between 2010 and 2011, a mobile app development career is a solid choice for individuals who have an interest in the field.

Academic training and degree programs

mobile application developer career paMost people who are interested in a mobile app development career opt for a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or software development or a specialized associate’s or bachelor’s degree in mobile application development.

It is imperative for anyone seeking a career in the field to become proficient in programming language including Ios (for Apple devices), Java (for Android devices), C, C++, and Objective C. People must possess a basic knowledge base of UI design and application, development, design and testing. Once an individual has a basic skill set, he will be able to determine the specific platform and mobile operating device that he wants to specialize in and can focus on it accordingly.

People who want to become iPhone and iPad developers must become proficient in xCode, Objective C, and Interface Builder. People who want to become Google Android developers must learn Java and Android development.

Career paths People who are pursuing a mobile app development career should consider one or more of the following options: •Mobile UI designer. As a mobile UI design can make or break an app, this career path requires both imaginative and artistic skills.

•Applications developer or engineer. Developers and engineers must have superior programming skills.

•User experience and usability expert. People who pursue this path should be comfortable with interpersonal communication and ease of use metrics.

•Mobility architect. In addition to design and programming skills, mobility architects must develop a specific architectural skill set.

Another up and coming mobile app development career field is enterprise mobility.  As IT organizations’ increase their capacity and operations in order to meet their customers’ mobility needs successfully, their need for enterprise mobility increases.

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