Top Study Apps for College Students

best apps for college studentsThe rapid improvements in technology over the years, specifically the development of smart phones and the apps that accompany them, have made it more convenient for college students to excel in school. Study apps and app design have become an integral part to the education of college students, and the following are a few of the apps may be useful to any student with a smart phone.

•  Flashcards+ – This free app makes the creation of actual flashcards obsolete. Not only are physical flashcards a waste of paper, they are easily lost and disorganized. This app allows you to custom create different sets of flashcards for your smart phone to help aid you as you study for your exams.

•  iStudiez Pro – For merely $0.99, this app allows you to keep track of exam dates, class schedules, homework assignments and more. Additionally, the app will alert you of any upcoming deadlines as well as keep track of your grades, including your overall GPA.

•  Evernote – This free app is perfect for large-scale research projects as it lets you take notes, store documents, snap photographs and record audio. Additionally, this app lets you sync between all capable devices.

•  Study Tracker – Created by GradeGuru, this app will allow you to track your performance as a student. The app can record and monitor your grades in each individual class as well as record your study times. You’ll then be able to monitor your effort as well as the results of your effort and adjust accordingly.

•  Graphing Calculator – Save on the expensive costs of an actual graphing calculator by downloading this app for a mere $1.99 instead. This app by Appcylon LLC will allow you to plot and trace a number of equations out on the same graph. You’ll even be able to use a custom keyboard and take screenshots of your graphs to share with other students.

•  Trello – Trello is an app created for the organization of group projects. This app allows you to manage who in your group is responsible for what task. In addition to assigning tasks, you’ll be able to create deadlines and collaborate in real time with group members. All group members will be notified when any changes are made via Trello as well.

These study apps and app design are highly recommended for any students that want to succeed in college in today’s technological age.