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Online / Classroom Blended Learning

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What is ePIT

ePIT is a blended online/classroom learning option that provides the convenience and the flexibility that many students need in their busy schedules. With this program you won't have to put off your technology education – you'll be able to pursue a degree or certificate in over a dozen areas, including computer science, pharmacy tech, medical billing and coding, health care management, physical therapist assistant, and more. Students will attend approximately 90 minutes of in-class learning per week per class. The balance of the class will be fulfilled via online activities.

Instructors will use on-line learning tools such as discussion boards, videos, web sites, on-line collaboration and other methods combined with traditional, classroom-based instruction. It also provides the comfort of knowing that you will see your instructor on a weekly basis and that they are available for face-to-face meetings. P.I.T. is pleased to offer you this unique program. Contact us to learn more.

Who should take Blended ePIT classes?

Students who tend to be successful in e-learning classes demonstrate many of the following characteristics:

  • Self-motivation (this is the most important characteristic!)
  • Good computer skills
  • Good reading and writing skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Excellent time management skill
  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Enjoy new challenges

What do I have to know to take an ePIT class?

Computer skills that a student should feel comfortable to take our Blended Learning courses should include:

  • Send and receive emails with attachments
  • Use a web browser to surf the internet
  • Download and install software and software plug-ins
  • Type 25-30 words per minute
  • Copy and paste text and pictures
  • Open, save, and ‘save as’ a document
  • View YouTube videos

If a student is lacking in some of these skills, they can take a basic computer skills boot camp if they want to take an online class.

Students enrolled in an eP.I.T. class are solely responsible for their ability to access the internet via computer, tablet, or other device.

Having daily access to a computer with high-speed internet is required!

Blended E-Learning courses are NOT easier than classes that are taught exclusively in a traditional classroom.
There is no cost difference between traditional and Blended E-Learning courses.
The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology plans to expand its course selection for its Blended E-Learning program in subsequent semesters.

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Who do I talk to find out more about these ePIT classes?

You can speak to your admissions representive

What if I already registered for a regular class, but I want to switch to an ePIT class?

You can change your registration through the student portal and use the add/drop functions.

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