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Allied Health-Pharmacy Technician

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A new remedy with career advancement opportunities!

Do you like helping others using your interpersonal skills? Do you like educating others on topics that you know? Does the thought of mixing medications and filling prescriptions appeal to you? Would you like to work with other professionals providing health care to patients?

If you answered YES to these questions, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology's Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician degree program is for YOU!
What is Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician?
This degree program prepares graduates for dispensing prescriptions, educating customers or patients on the proper prescription usage and communicating with prescribing physicians to ensure prescription safety. In addition, Pharmacy Technicians measure medication dosages, mix medications, package and label prescriptions and use computers to maintain customer or patient prescription history. In some venues, Pharmacy Technicians prepare IV bags of medicinal solutions. Pharmacy Technicians also conduct drug inventory and re-order drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Additionally, this degree program prepares students for CAREER ADVANCEMENT by including courses in communications, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer applications, humanities, and the social sciences.
Allied Health – Pharmacy Technicians work in the following:
  • National retail pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Community pharmacies
Where can I go after I earn my Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician degree?
After earning your degree, you are prepared to start work immediately. P.I.T. has transfer agreements with a number of colleges and universities in the area. These agreements enable you to transfer your college credits earned at P.I.T. and complete a bachelor degree at one of these educational partners. P.I.T. will prepare you for the next step that’s right for YOU!
Why choose P.I.T. for your Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician degree?
  1. Earn an associate degree with the focus on Pharmacy Technician
    Our Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician degree provides you with working knowledge of assigning dosages and calculations, mixing medications, filling prescriptions, compounding, preparing IV solutions, and many other pharmacy skills. This program also prepares you to take a nationwide certification examination and includes an array of other courses that prepare you for career advancement.

  2. Choice of externship or internship opportunities
    You will have the opportunity to practice your skills at the site of a health care provider or at P.I.T. using software simulations and actual “hands on” skills.

  3. Experienced Instructors
    Our instructors either come from a real world background or still hold positions in the health care field. They share their working knowledge to better prepare our students to enter the workplace.

  4. YOUR SUCCESS is our success
    Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success. Graduates tell us that everyone at P.I.T. ensured that they were successful.

  5. Intimate Learning Environment and Family Atmosphere
    Our instructors know each student on a first name basis. Smaller class sizes allow us to focus on each student’s individual strengths and areas to improve.

  6. Parallel Learning
    P.I.T.’s unique “parallel learning” approach saves time and money for our students. We offer skill strengthening and degree classes at the same time, fast-tracking students to a degree.

  7. Flexibility
    Our flexible course schedules are ideal for students balancing work, family, and school.

  8. Free tutoring
    Scheduled tutoring from both instructors and honor students is available to ALL P.I.T. students, free of charge.

  9. Portfolio Building and Interview Coaching
    The value of a P.I.T. education extends beyond the classroom! Our instructors work hard to prepare graduates through portfolio building and interview coaching.

  10. New Opportunities
    The Allied Health – Pharmacy Technician program prepares you for an immediate job and the college credits earned at P.I.T. count towards earning a bachelor degree or beyond at one of our partner colleges or universities.

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