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BME103 - Principles of Electronics

Students will demonstrate the theoretical knowledge and technical skills in the performance of electronic Equipment testing in the laboratory (specialized knowledge/applied learning); demonstrate error recognition and the ability to integrate and interpret analytical data and establish a course of action to solve problems (critical thinking); apply mathematical calculations and statistical methods to ensure the accuracy of laboratory test results (quantitative fluency). Students must also be able to analyze electronic data for assessment and evaluate the data to be used in decision making. Students must be able to apply safety principles; enforce safety rules in the laboratory; use a systematic approach to troubleshooting, identify and identify safety hazards associated with electro-mechanical devices and perform corrective maintenance procedures in a systematic way. Students will also study all applicable local and national electrical safety regulations including the National Electric Safety Code (NESC).

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    Principles of Electronics

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  • Credit Hours: 3

    Lab Hours: 2

    Lecture Hours: 2