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Computer Science

The Computer Science field is exploding with potential. Every employer needs professionals who can maximize productivity by developing software solutions.

The associate degree in Computer Science provides a comprehensive curriculum that responds to the rapidly changing nature of information technology. The major prepares you as software engineer by building a solid foundation in computer science fundamentals, then training you in the latest software engineering techniques. You will be expected to obtain at least one of several industry standard certifications, including Oracle’s Java SE 7 Programmer certification.

Software engineers design computer programs by using the most effective and efficient modern techniques. The Computer Science degree gives you the skills to analyze, design, implement, and maintain software and hardware in a systemic way.

The ability to craft secure, maintainable, high-performance applications for mobile devices, the Internet, and desktop computers is a highly valued skill. Our Computer Science degree will provide you the cutting-edge knowledge and technical skills to thrive in this fast-paced, opportunity-filled industry.

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