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Computer-Aided Design

The CAD program at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology emphasizes architectural, civil and mechanical design. CAD specialists also prepare detailed drawings of buildings and other structures. Graduates may specialize in a type of structure, such as commercial or residential, or a type of material, such as timber or reinforced concrete. Graduates interested in mechanical design prepare detailed diagrams of machinery and mechanical devices. Graduates also prepare and provide instructions regarding the fabrication, assembly, and use of mechanical equipment, parts, and devices.

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Program Objectives

CAD graduates should be able to:

  • Create two and three-dimensional drawings and design models.
  • Establish a methodology for solving a design/drafting problem by using freehand sketching.
  • Develop detailed and working drawings using the principles of geometric construction and descriptive geometry.
  • Develop layouts and technical designs for the architectural and machining industries by integrating the use of multi-views, assembly, and solid modeling drawings.
  • Create drawings for the architectural and mechanical industries using advanced parametric software.
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize a geometric form by a photo rendering to present and describe a design.
  • Convey technical information effectively in graphic form.
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Prepare for Success
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Computer-Aided Design Engineering (CAD) at P.I.T. can launch careers as a CAD specialist for a range of employers, including architectural, engineering, and construction firms in manufacturing industries. Program graduates are prepared to advance their education by transferring to a bachelor’s degree program or bolster their professional qualifications by working to become drafter certified by the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA).

Student Success Story
Photo of Melissa Sheffield
Melissa Sheffield Computer-Aided Design Technology Graduated: December 2012

Melissa Sheffield came to P.I.T. to start over. After spending years in administrative functions at the Court House, she needed to find a new path and chose P.I.T. and Engineering Graphic Design. Melissa quickly became a star at P.I.T. as she stood out from her classmates for her maturity, her engaging personality and her ability to not only master the CAD and EGD curriculum, but to teach it to her peers. Melissa became a CAD teaching assistant and peer tutor, and upon graduating in December of 2012, she was retained at P.I.T. as a professional tutor to assist the CAD students and teachers. Melissa was selected for a professional, full time, six month CAD internship with a prominent local utility company. Due to her diligence and professionalism, she was quickly hired away from the internship to work full time as a CAD drafter at a professional engineering firm!

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