Student Veteran Organization presents: Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, literally! It’s a day to be thankful for all we have been blessed with, but for the less fortunate it may be tough. So, I am happy to announce that the SVO (Student Veteran Organization) is holding a Thanksgiving Food Drive. The food should be in sealed boxes and cans, and is to be dropped off in the donation... [Read More ... ]

Meet Jack Bacon!

Today I had the chance to interview the funny and charming Jack Bacon – Chief Information Officer at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. While I was preparing myself for this meeting, I was a bit nervous seeing as this was my first official interview with any of the Executive Leadership Team members since I became the social media blogger.... [Read More ... ]

Choosing the right path

Every day people struggle with what they are going to do with certain situations. For me, I still have some thinking to do about where I am going to transfer after I leave P.I.T. At first I thought I had it all figured out, but now I have to take a step back and really think things through. I know that  I want to continue my education for fashion journalism,... [Read More ... ]

Make the Most of your Thanksgiving Break

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Me either! The holidays can creep up on you in the blink of an eye, leaving you trying to figure out what activities you are going to do with your family and friends. I have found some great things to explore – some may be new to you or some may be the same old same old, but there is... [Read More ... ]

The 8 am struggle

Every college student dreads that buzzing noise of their alarm clock in the mornings. During our high school days it was easier since our parents would constantly stampede into the room with the main purpose of dragging our sleepy bodies out of bed so we wouldn’t be late. With college it seems to be a lot more difficult to make those morning... [Read More ... ]

A Push in the Right Direction

Every now and then we find ourselves in a slump, and if you say you’re never confused or hurt, angry or simply having “one of those days,” you’re most likely in denial. If you are experiencing some sort of rut, I believe in talking it out with someone — your mom or dad, brother or sister, friend, or school counselor. There is always... [Read More ... ]

College on a Budget – How to Use Your College ID to Save Money

Written by Morgan Mclaughlin As a current college student, I am most definitely aware of the struggle with money. I’m constantly rummaging through old purses and my living room couch for spare change which goes to transportation, school books, and lunches. If this sounds like you, don’t worry; I have come to the rescue!  I have found some ways... [Read More ... ]

A Business Administration Degree for a Future Journalist

Written by:  Morgan Mclaughlin At this very moment, loads of high school seniors are having thoughts run around in their jam packed brains. Infused with homework, tests, projects, and social life. Well, for starters, BREATHE! It may seem all too stressful now and for some, it may take an extra year or 4 to figure out which direction you want to take.... [Read More ... ]

A Business Adminstration Degree Provides Many Opportunities

Written by:  Morgan Mclaughlin For those of you who are in the Business Administration degree program here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology you are in luck! The reason why I say this is because everything in this world is a business, whether it is in health care, communications, fashion, graphic design or the lemonade stand on the corner... [Read More ... ]

What Can You Do With a Degree in Electronic Health Records?

You say you’re interested in working in health care, but you’re not too comfortable around blood…or is it needles? That’s okay. Have you considered a career working with Electronic Health Records? If you are comfortable using computers, have an eye for details and accuracy, and are interested in working in the healthcare industry, obtaining... [Read More ... ]

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