Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

P.I.T. is Accredited

What does that mean, and why should I care?

P.I.T. is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Accreditation is the process used to evaluate and validate colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions. A review board comprised of faculty and administrators from various accredited colleges and universities (or peer institutions) set the standards against which colleges and universities are evaluated for new or renewed accreditation. In addition, colleges and universities must meet the general standards set by the review board, which generally cover:

  • The overall mission of the college, objectives, and goals.
  • Student requirements for admissions.
  • Quality of education.
  • The reputation of faculty and services available to students.

Attending an accredited college is an essential choice for several reasons.

  • Affirms that you have received a quality education
  • Transferring credits to another accredited college, while not guaranteed, is more streamlined.
  • Employers often recognize accredited colleges and prefer to hire those graduates.

Access to Mentors and Networking

Everyone needs advice occasionally and many of us, throughout our lifetimes, turn to our professors or instructors. Yes, digital networks (such as LinkedIn) connect you to people who may help you land a new job or develop in your career, but there is no replacement for a college that provides access to experts in their fields. Most of P.I.T.’s faculty have worked in their program fields and can provide you with excellent advice regarding future developments in the area. Don’t hesitate to go to them with your questions or to seek out their support.

The skills, knowledge, and experiences gained through your college program will teach you to better adapt to the various jobs and careers available to you.

Studies have shown that a college degree can help you:

  • Obtain a job
  • Maintain a job
  • Obtain a promotion
  • Make more money

Whatever your future goals for additional education or employment include, college can help you reach them. The faculty, advisors, counselors, and other staff members can assist you in mapping out a long-term plan or help you see new possibilities every day. Attending college can help you become your future self.

P.I.T.’s mission is student success – YOUR success!

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