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Support Services

Support Services provides a wide range of resources and services to help you as you pursue your degree or certificate program. Whether your need is educational, career, or personal, we are here to help you succeed.

Student Services

Our counselors and staff are able to provide you guidance and support – from tutoring help and enrichment opportunities to internships and job placement services.

Job Placement Services

When it comes to securing a job, we offer a range of valuable services, including job search coaching, resume and cover letter assistance, interview techniques, and more.

College Transfer Options

Our knowledgeable counselors make the transfer process simple and easy. We’ll help you maximize every credit you earn, while helping to minimize your cost.



Support Services Staff
Wydelah Llanos
Wydelah Llanos Career & Transfer Counselor
Teresa Flemming
Teresa Flemming Academic Support Coach
Rosie Marcher
Rosie Marcher Academic Support Coach
Garrison Lockley
Garrison Lockley Academic Support Coach
Kamira Evans
Kamira Evans Director of Student Services & Title IX Coordinator