65+ Tuition Waiver Program

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s 65+ Tuition Waiver Program allows retired adults, 65 and older, to attend the college, tuition free, on a space-available basis.

Fall 2022 Schedule 65+

BEH101     OIntroduction to Behavioral HealthOnline
BEH229     OFamily CounselingOnline
BIO112     OIntroduction to Anatomy and PhysiologyOnline
BUS113     OIntroduction to BusinessOnline
BUS211     OFinancial AccountingOnline
COM108     OCommunications and Social InteractionOnline
ENG215     OAnalytical WritingOnline
HCM117     OIntroduction to Health Care InformaticsOnline
HCM120     OICD-10 CodingOnline
HCM125     OCPT-4 CodingOnline
HUM140     OCritical Thinking in the Modern AgeOnline
MOT115     OHealthcare in a Trans Cultural EnvironmentOnline
MTH130     OMathematics for Health Care ProfessionalsOnline
PSY105     OIntroduction to PsychologyOnline
PSY109     OHuman Growth and DevelopmentOnline
PSY204     OPsychology of Gender and CultureOnline
SIT203     OBasic Office Software ApplicationsOnline

To qualify, you must be:

  • Sixty-five (65) years of age or older and retired (i.e., not presently engaged in full-time employment).
  • Registered for a maximum of four (4) credits per term in a non-degree status.

NOTE: If you plan to take more than four credits in a term or enroll as a degree-seeking student you are not eligible for the 65+ Tuition Waiver.

Registration Process

  • Each term classes that are eligible for the 65+ Tuition Waiver Program are posted above.
  • Registration for classes is permitted on a “space available” basis and will run for a period of one (1) week, beginning the Monday prior to the week of each term start date and concluding that Friday. Registration must be completed in person by the applicant.
  • 65+ Tuition Waiver forms are available at the download links belowand in the Academic Records Office.

Terms of the Program

  • Courses are recorded as audits with no grades or credits earned.
  • Any books or supplies required for courses are the financial responsibility of the individual receiving the tuition waiver benefit.
  • The college reserves the right to cancel registration up to and including the final day of the enrolled term’s add/drop period.
  • Waiver recipient’s courses do not include the taking of examination, writing of papers, recording or reporting of grades, or other requirements generally associated with college credit.
  • Proof of age may be required.

Download Forms

65+ Waiver Form