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65+ Tuition Waiver Program

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s 65+ Tuition Waiver Program allows retired adults, 65 and older, to attend the college, tuition free, on a space-available basis.



Summer 2022 Schedule 65+

BEH107 O Mental Health Disorders Online
BEH123 O Trends in Developmental Disabilities Online
BIO112 O Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Online
BUS113 O Introduction to Business Online
BUS247 O Principles of Economics Online
COM108 O Communications and Social Interaction Online
ENG215 O Analytical Writing Online
HCM107 O Introduction to Health Care Management Online
HCM117 O Healthcare Informatics Online
HUM140 O Critical Thinking in the Modern Age Online
MOT115 O Healthcare in a Trans Cultural Environment Online
MTH111 O Algebra Skills for College Success Online
MTH130 O Mathematics for Health Care Professionals Online
PSY105 O Introduction to Psychology Online
PSY109 O Human Growth and Development Online
PSY210 TO Intro to Research Methods Online
SIT203 O Basic Office Software Applications Online

To qualify, you must be:

  • Sixty-five (65) years of age or older and retired (i.e., not presently engaged in full-time employment).
  • Registered for a maximum of four (4) credits per term in a non-degree status.

NOTE: If you plan to take more than four credits in a term or enroll as a degree-seeking student you are not eligible for the 65+ Tuition Waiver.


Registration Process

  • Each term classes that are eligible for the 65+ Tuition Waiver Program are posted above.
  • Registration for classes is permitted on a “space available” basis and will run for a period of one (1) week, beginning the Monday prior to the week of each term start date and concluding that Friday. Registration must be completed in person by the applicant.
  • 65+ Tuition Waiver forms are available at the download links below and in the Academic Records Office.


Terms of the Program

  • Courses are recorded as audits with no grades or credits earned.
  • Any books or supplies required for courses are the financial responsibility of the individual receiving the tuition waiver benefit.
  • The college reserves the right to cancel registration up to and including the final day of the enrolled term’s add/drop period.
  • Waiver recipient’s courses do not include the taking of examination, writing of papers, recording or reporting of grades, or other requirements generally associated with college credit.
  • Proof of age may be required.

Download Forms

65+ Waiver Form