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Dear Brightwood Students We can help
P.I.T. student discussion with Office of Admissions
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Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
The Right College Career-focused, transfer-ready Learn More
P.I.T. Affordable Quality Education
Affordable Quality A great education doesn’t have to break the bank Learn More
P.I.T. Prepare for Success
Prepare for Success Hands-on, career-relevant programs Learn More
Allied Health Studies Degree Programs and Certificates
Support When You Need It Reach your goals with our help Learn More

We make sure the P.I.T. experience fits you.

At a typical college you ask yourself, “How will I fit in?”
At P.I.T. we ask, “How can we fit your needs?”

Are you an adult returning to college, or starting for the first time? Go
Classes for adult students
Do you have a job that makes taking classes during the day difficult? Go
Classes for working students
Convenient class schedules Do family commitments require a flexible schedule?
Affordable tuition Does the cost of a 4-year college seem out of reach?
Education you can use on the job Looking for an education you can use on the job tomorrow?

Career-Focused, Transfer Ready

For the nontraditional student, college is more than Saturday football games. You have a goal in mind. It could be a rewarding, high paying career, or perhaps it’s preparing to transfer to a four-year college or university.

You expect your college experience to help you achieve your goal.

At P.I.T. we agree. Our academic programs are focused on preparing you for the next step in you career, or your education. You’ll be ready!

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