Emergency Information

During extreme weather conditions, P.I.T. may be closed, have a delayed opening, or an early closing. Students, staff and faculty who have provided contact information to the P.I.T. Emergency Message System (E.M.S.) will be automatically notified via voice messages and/or emails. Other sources of accurate information about P.I.T. closings are:

Snow Codes are Day 504 and Evening 2504.

Students, staff and faculty may:

  • listen to radio station KYW 1060 AM for the snow codes
  • visit the P.I.T. web site at pit.edu for closing information
  • call (610) 892-1500 for closing information

It is important to note that if it becomes necessary for the College to close when the College is already in operation, the exact timing of the closing will be established to minimize interruption to classes and student services. Faculty and staff are expected to meet classes and perform other assigned duties until the announced closing time. Staff whose duties are defined as essential may be asked to remain on duty beyond the announced closing time until all critical tasks have been completed.