CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

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Pennsylvania Institute of Technology has been awarded $518,726 in funding via the CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to be able to mitigate additional expenses relates to COVID‐19.

The United States Department of Education has mandated that half of the funds are to be used for additional institutional cost, the other half to students impacted by the pandemic.  The college has signed and returned Certification and Agreement to assure that at least half of the funds will be distributed to students.

The chart below will provide information related to HEERF funding.

Note: This information is updated periodically, please see the date of the most recent update below.

CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund StatusCertification and Agreement for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Education.
HEERF Funds Awarded to the InstitutionStudent Portion: $259,363
Institution Portion: $259,363
Total Award: $518,726
Total Amount of Funds Distributed to Student
(as of most recent update)
Estimated Number of Student Eligible for HEERF Funds226
Total Number of Students Awarded Funds
(as of most recent update)
Method used to determine how students are awardedApplication and Evaluation tools:
Application, Evaluation Forms, and Process
Information Provided to Eligible StudentsAll students who may be eligible have been notified via US Mail and E-mail:
E-mail / Letter
This correspondence includes the link to the college’s HEERF Application
HEERF Quarterly ReportSee list below.
If you have questions, please contact:
Kamira Evans, Director of Student Affairs
800 Manchester Avenue
Media, PA 19063
Last Updated: 01/10/2022

HEERF Quarterly Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Grant

Q:  Which students are eligible to receive HEERF funds?

A:  You must have been enrolled in the Winter Term 2020 as of March 13, 2020. and be currently enrolled in the Spring Term (April) 2020.

Only students who are or could be eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), may receive emergency financial aid grants. If a student has filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), then the student has demonstrated eligibility to participate in programs under Section 484 the HEA.

Students who have not filed a FAFSA but who are eligible to file a FAFSA also may receive emergency financial aid grants. The criteria to participate in programs under Section 484 of the HEA include but are not limited to the following: U.S. citizenship or eligible noncitizen; a valid Social Security number; registration with Selective Service (if the student is male); and a high school diploma, GED, or completion of high school in an approved homeschool setting.

International and Undocumented Students: ED’s April 21 guidance states that students must meet Title IV eligibility requirements in order to receive HEERF-student share funds. Therefore, international and undocumented students are not eligible to receive emergency grants.

Q:  Students must be Title IV eligible. What does that mean?

A:  Section 484 of the HEA states that Title IV eligible students must:

  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a degree or certificate program.
  • Not be enrolled in elementary or secondary school.
  • For currently enrolled students, be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Not owe an overpayment on Title IV grants or loans.
  • Not be in default on a Title IV loan.
  • File “as part of the original financial aid application process” a certification that includes
  • A statement of educational purpose.
  • Student’s SSN.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or national, permanent resident, or other eligible noncitizen.
  • Have returned fraudulently obtained Title IV funds if convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to charges.
  • Not have fraudulently received Title IV loans in excess of annual or aggregate limits.
  • Have repaid Title IV loan amounts in excess of annual or aggregate limits if obtained inadvertently.
  • Have Selective Service registration verified.
  • Have Social Security Number verified.
  • Not have a federal or state conviction for drug possession or sale, with certain time limitations.

Q:  Can schools apply student emergency grants to a student’s account in order to pay off outstanding balances?

A:  No. These funds must go directly to the student.

Q:  If approved, how long will it take to receive this grant money?

A: If everything is in place such as FAFSA completed there are no other issues, your grant will be issued within approximately a two-week period.

Q:  How do I apply for the Cares Act Grant?

A:  You must have completed the Winter 2020 Term AND be enrolled in a Spring 2020 Term.

  • You cannot be on financial aid suspension.
  • You must have a FASFA on file with Pennsylvania Institute of Technology for either 2019-2020 or 2020-2021.
  • The Cares Act application is located here:

Q:  What if I have already submitted the FAFSA to P.I.T.?

A:  Then we will have that information on file. If we do not, the Financial Aid Office will contact you.

Q:  Do I have to be making satisfactory academic progress to qualify for the CARES Act grant?

A:  Yes. If you are on financial aid suspension for whatever reason, you do not qualify.

Q:  How will I be notified if I qualify and receiving the CARES Act grant?

A:  The Director of Student Affairs will contact you via e-mail to notify you that you have been awarded funds.  If an application is denied, you will be notified via e-mail as well as provided an explanation as to why you were ineligible.

Recipients may receive a notification that a payment has been made to their Student Account.  This is a function of our internal processing to document that these funds have been received and are earmarked for you.  Shortly, you will see that the amount has been removed.  This is due to a physical check being processed.

Q:  How much grant money will I receive?

A:  This is based on the request on the application and the limits set by Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.

Q:  If I qualify, how will I receive the grant money?

A:  A paper check will be mailed via USPS to the address submitted on the HEERF application.