Meet the ELT: It’s Annamarie Cassidy!

Today I interviewed Annamarie Cassidy, PIT’s Chief Financial Officer. Her office is located in the Business Office. First of all, we hit it off right from the start. I know 2 of her nephews that I used to hang out with while we were in high school: it’s a small world! Besides that, I really enjoyed this interview because I felt super comfortable... [Read More ... ]

Meet the ELT: Here’s Bob Hancox

As the interview adventures continue, I have managed to speak with the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Bob Hancox. I discovered some info that even surprised me. Read on and find out what I learned! Q: What High School did you go to? A: “I went to Summit High School in New Jersey.” Q: What college did you at go to and what was your major? A:... [Read More ... ]

Meet the ELT: Here Comes Laura Blomgren!

It’s always great to know who is involved with your school because it really shows what type of environment you will be in. Today’s interview brought me to the lovely, laid back, cool, and friendly Laura Blomgren, Director of Financial Aid. This interview was short, sweet and very informative for this blog post that I hope you enjoy. Q:... [Read More ... ]

Meet the ELT: Announcing Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio

I am on a roll with meeting the Executive Leadership Team, if I do say so myself. Even on this dark and gloomy day I had the joy of speaking with the Dean of Student Services, Dr. Dona Marie Fabrizio. Along with being a pleasure to talk to, she did inform me on some issues that I am very interested in, in order to help out our beloved school! Stay tuned... [Read More ... ]

Messy Monday Morning!

Last week I couldn’t make it to school, so I emailed my teacher the tests that were due. I wanted them to be in on time and present, even if I wasn’t. Throughout that day and the rest of the week I was thinking all my assignments were handed in and that I was good to go for my classes. Well, I was wrong! I checked my email last night just... [Read More ... ]

Success at P.I.T.

by Jeanelle Jefferson My experience at P.I.T. was nothing short of amazing. I first came to the Center City campus in the fall of 2012, where I began my semester in their Medical Billing and Coding program. I was not sure what exactly I was getting myself into and I did not think I was actually cut out for college. Fortunately, I found out that I... [Read More ... ]

The Library is Your Friend

I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say I don’t go to the library, period. I love to read, but I never find myself eager to want to stop by and see what the Library has. After doing some searching around on the web about what the Library could do for us, whether it’s for stimulating the brain or using the resources for coursework,... [Read More ... ]

It’s all about ME!

Recently I have been conducting interviews for the staff here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, and I got to thinking “why not interview myself so people can get to know me better?” So if you have some spare time, take a second and read all about me! Q: What high school did you attend? A: I went to Upper Darby High School in Drexel... [Read More ... ]

Become an Amazing Employee

Having a job is super important, for it will provide you and your family with the essentials in life such as food, water, shelter, clothes, etc. There are tons of ways to become an admirable employee and I have gathered these 10 steps to give you a head start! 1. Be on time – and call if you know you’ll be late. 2. Behave well – you are always... [Read More ... ]

Holiday Gift Idea

I hope you are all on the Nice List this year because Christmas is creeping up on us! If you’re like me and have a hard time trying to find a perfect gift for your honey and family, it makes you go crazy, and then eat all the holiday cookies. I have found some gift ideas and I am still searching for more to help you guys to give the perfect gift... [Read More ... ]

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