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How to Find Scholarships and Where to Look Online

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Everyone says that education is the key to any big career change or promotion, and they are certainly correct. Unfortunately, the education thing can feel like a big cycle – you don’t have enough money to go back to college, so you don’t get promoted, so you stay in the same place which means you don’t have enough money to go to college, etc. If you’ve ever felt like that, or if you are trying to figure out a smart way to fund your degree without breaking the bank, there are several steps to help you get the education you need and deserve now.

  1. Fill out the proper forms for government aid.
    1. File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form,
    2. File your Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Grant (PHEAA) form online by the May 1 deadline. If you live in a different state, you should file for aid using the form for that state.

These forms entitle you to certain work study opportunities and scholarships and can make the difference in qualifying you for private and college scholarships.

college scholarships media pa

  1. If you plan on attending the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (P.I.T.), make sure you schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office. You can also check out the information, suggestions, and links to additional funding sources that are provided on the Financial Resources website before your appointment. You can even review the scholarships offered by and through P.I.T. to new or returning students.
  1. Check with your employer about any scholarships that they may provide to employees who are returning to college. Some companies will even pay the full amount of tuition, as they know an investment in your education betters the entire company. Unions also tend to be generous to members and prospective members in terms of aid.
  1. Are you a Veteran, spouse or child of a Veteran? Remember to take advantage of your benefits under the G.I. Bill and the Military Tuition Assistance program.

    college scholarships media pa

  1. Remember to check out other grant, loan or scholarship information websites. Examples include:
    1. Federal Student Aid: An Office of the U.S. Department of Education
    2. Fastweb
    3. The College Grants Database
    4. TG Adventures in Education
    5. Career One Stop, Scholarship Search Webpage – Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Labor
    6. Scholarship
    7. FinAid: The SmartStudent™ Guide to Financial Aid

Several can be very useful in figuring out all the crazy, out-there types of scholarships or grants for anything imaginable. You never know what financial aid you might be eligible for until you look around.

Scholarships Available to P.I.T. Students

Getting a degree is essential in today’s workforce. If you want a career in business, computer science, or applied engineering, you will need the knowledge and skills required for those fields. For a great college with programs that will get you on track in an exciting industry, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is the place to go. We have hands-on training with instructors who specialize in the fields. You will gain experience and insight in the programs offered.


pa college scholarships media pa



One of the biggest challenges students face is how to pay for the costs of attending college (tuition, textbooks, fees, etc.). PIT is a private, non-profit college with several financial aid opportunities including scholarships. There are a number available that you can review with the P.I.T. Financial Aid staff. These scholarships can help you on your way to a new career.

The following scholarships are available to P.I.T. students. Click on the scholarship name for additional details.
Presidential Scholarship Program: Provides up to $1,000 for the first semester.

Trustee`s Scholarship: Provides supplemental scholarship of $2,000 for contiguous semesters in Associate Degree programs (except Allied Health).

Anthony and Mary Waltrich Scholarship: Provides up to $3,000 to Catholic HS graduates registered full-time in a degree program and involved in community service.

Margaret Kuo Scholarship: Provides one (1) full scholarship per academic year; three (3) additional scholarships for $3,000 per academic year.

Dr. Clarence R. Moll Scholarship: Provides up to $3,000 scholarship towards tuition for students registered at least half-time in a degree program.

Eugene A. Braun Scholarship: Provides five (5) supplemental scholarships per year of up to $500 for a 2nd year P.I.T. student majoring in Computer Science programs.

John Furey Scholarship: Provides one supplemental scholarship per year of up to $500 for a 2nd year P.I.T. student majoring in Computer Science programs.

P.I.T. Industry Supported Opportunity Grant: Provides up to 100% funding for tuition and textbooks for first-time degree students.

SPP High School Senior Scholarship: Provides a supplemental scholarship of $1,000 for one student per high school.

These awards and others can assist you in paying for college. P.I.T. wants its students to succeed and realizes that every little bit helps. It is challenging to pay for college, but education is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. The programs of study at P.I.T. are two years or less, taught by great instructors, and will provide you with the skills you need in the career you want. Contact the P.I.T. Financial Aid staff to see if you qualify for a scholarship.